Cursed be these kanjo motherfuckers

Scenario. You have an approved bungalow but decide to change the house size to something smaller. You remove one bedroom and enlarge the living room. This however doesn’t affect the plot ratio at all in my view (someone enlighten me). Should you be charged with such alterations ati without consent from kanjo? Like they are going to live in that house after you finish it? Someone rent me a gun. Need to blow some balls.

designs change all the time…angalia huyo jamaa kama ni genuine. waambie waende polisi tu that is if you have undergone all approval stages.

Maze ati wamevuka na 8 k juu ya hiyo story. Pigsty iko ocha

Alterations require approvals which require payment. Someone snitched on the work. If you don’t have formal approvals, expect them again.

kwani waliingia wakahesabu bedrooms?

Approvals are formal. But the alteration don’t require another approval per se. Ni kanjo kupenda kukulia Tu. Wapi ile jamaa ilipiga kanjo sweep stima plaza? Kwanza an old geezer opposite the construction was a kanjo guy. Prolly that’s the snitch. And by the way…he ain’t aging gracefully I can tell

hii story inaniuma sana…ungewashw wangojee, uingie hapo nyuma ubwage thread hapa then uwaendee na panga. advocates wako huku pia

Yap. Mpaka ati kuchukua measurements. Two of them dim eye na shiny eye

If they were formal, why pay the guys?

Bahati sikuwa site. Kuna mtu angeenda hosi. Apan tambua ujinga. Hii ni ufala

Woga ya mwenye alikuwa site. Then ananishow after wameenda.

Lakini Kenyans tunapenda mkato. Yaani umewpatia 8K namna hio tu?

That’s what i thought. I am about to start work on my pigsty, and have therefore been doing some due diligence. So one fundi was telling that there is this kanjo guy in charge of the area am planning to build, he says we give him something small (25k) so that he will be instructing his men not to come my way. I have decide to pay the 60k and be done with badala ya every fortnight wanatokea.

Bungalow approval is daylight robbery!!! Those are crooks. Wamekula 8k yako Bure.

Fuata wao jua majina yao halafu enda ona mkubwa wao na complaint letter. Watarudisha hizo pesa mbio mbio.

Hehee simply the approved print is not the one in use. Hao ni watu tu wamepata loop hole na hii kiangazi. Just get your alterations approved with the relevant authority and it’s less than ksh 1500…actually ni Mia tano but to speed up the process ni around K

Ningekwambia huo ni ujinga but it’s not polite. Just do the right thing coz hiyo foreman wako is in cahoots with the extortionists.

o_Ounacheswo get yourself someone you can trust, if all else fails carry a hidden camera collect effidence send it up the chain… will save you cash and those niggas will be afraid to come to the site

kwani gate yako ni wiremesh…ju kama ni mawe ungewaambia you have a 5D home theatre na unawashuku wao ni wezi

You should have had the alterations approved before commencing the work. It’s a requirement in the local authority . A simple drawing showing the alterations n not necessarily done by an architect wld hv done the trick.
You now a marked target for the kanjo guys in their jurisdiction n they will hv a field day with you. Do the needful n avoid shortcuts. They are quite costly.