Curious Case of this Wambua fella.

It’s becoming weirder and weirder by ze day.
Yesterday, I watched his umpteenth interview on shittyzen, and couldn’t wonder if he is concealing something. He made some very strange comments. Ati oh, he didn’t want the daughter to get married and if she were to, he wants her to get married near his home…bluh bluh.
He knows the wife re-married kitambo, but he insists that he wants her back…
I think it’s high time Wambua stopped giving interviews to everyone.
He needs psychiatric first and very fast.
He needs also a lot of psychological help.
He also has to make peace with his past, especially if the allegations were true… He knows the truth…otherwise the truth will reveal itself sooner or later.
A leopard can never change its spots.

Hio nugu ilikamua mtoto yake

He might be re-boarded back to Kamity

Here is the wife’s story:

huyo msee ni mkamuaji. They should talk to the medical examiner tuskie story yake

I am more inclined to believe Wambua. The women of that family somehow look fishy to me. You have to understand that the allegation was that he defiled the daughter when she was 16 – and a 16 year old is not exactly a baby. She would know what happened and what didn’t happen. In these cases, I usually blame the magistrate’s courts, because they usually have the best chance to test the evidence, yet they are always too eager to convict.

On another note, having gone what he has undergone, you can’t expect him not to have mental challenges. I heard that Kamiti is hell on earth, especially for people accused of sex offenses.

But ni wakamba,wanapenda kudinyana ki family,they are the hilly billy,rednecks of kenya. I know of a colleague from back in the days alikua akinyanduliwa na aanko yake

Hebu angalia picture ya huyo mu-woman? The one you have posted there. Looks can be deceiving of course, and we shouldn’t judge, but would you exempt such a person from being malicious? Mungu ndie utulinda, coz if you have ever attended court sessions, you would have seen how easy it is to fix a person in this nation…

Whatever happened happened. Time to move on.

But again, whats up with the daily interviews???

No Njaruo seems to be noticing the name OT morpho ama memories are short like those of a warthog?


That man was screwing his daughter and it was as consensual as can be in such a set up. The mother found out, couldn’t handle it, and coached the girl to cry rape to get revenge on her husband. Guilt ate her up over the years and she finally recanted the statement. The mother, having told the truth from a purely legal point of view (sex with a minor is automatically defilement regardless of consent) continues to deny any wrongdoing. That is my jaba base analysis of this entire situation.

In those areas sex between dad and daughter is not something strange, that’s why when eating a Mutheu, she will call you “ndandiiii” at the heat of the moment.

Or she got horny and missed papa’s healing medicine. Sexual relationships between parents and children are known to cause mental problems later in life. They make poor life choices and develop an unhealthy and insatiable mental and physical dependency to the parent that abused them

The wife is totally adamant that both the daughter and the husband ‘betrayed’ her. She says she has no regrets over what happened. In my opinion, this man was having a sexual affair with his daughter. The pathetic dog should be taken back to Kamiti and jailed for life.

Stockholm syndrome…

Kuna picha ya huyo mdaughterzzz wake?

Jamaa amepata acre mbili ,nyumba na motorbike probably more, aanze tu maisha afresh lifes short

The daughter recanted the statement because she felt awful, yet you find men here ruling the man guilty.

Tumekuwa wanawake kuchukiana sasa?