NYERI NOMINATED MCA Beth Nyawira kicked out of county assembly for failing to dress appropriately; Speaker rules she breached dress code

Amepeleka magoti bunge la mwananchi

Mini momo amekua frozen nje

she was undecently dressed…

Amesema she was not undecentry dressed she was just not officiarry dressed :smiley:

Has she made her maiden speech?

that one can’t be a maiden:):wink:

Nyeri mnatuonyesha mambo, Hebu tuma ile screenshot ya MP nijisomee, bado sijaiget.
Then invite him here

I see what you did there:)

hiyo tutorial ya Highflyer ni kali…

mimi naona iko decent

the problem is the sleeveless upper arms that don’t conform to house rules

Ooh. I was trying to decipher her dressing code and I could not get the problem. The civil service has strict dressing codes for ladies and it seems the Kanjo is determined to implement them. But by normal Kenyan standards she is decently dressed if you ask me.

We need to review this colonial laws to reflect our new lives.

How she be can her dressing without the decentliness? Chame on her. :mad:

I hope her “kick out” was done in the finest lingo that couldn’t offend Her Majesty the Queen…

“The erected woman emsihe of Nyiri kauntay pris remain sitted on a point of shorter…”

Sandals. Seriuosly. Nooo. That is total undecent…

kwani hio parliament imejaa ma celibate unexposed idiots. I don’t see any drop of indecency in whatever she is wearing.