finally it’s out, I’m letting it sink in, shit, I don’t know if it’s Vice or who, said it’s the culmination of Migos sound from what they’ve been honing over the years.

I’ve seriously blasted the fuck out of the two Cultures, but every where people seemed to dislike Culture 2. This time the autotune was almost cut out completely lakini it weaved a small presence in some tracks like Straightening. But for Quav alone, it almost sounded weird kuskia Offset without the autotune. Avalanche sampled Papa Was a Rollin Stone by The Temptations so tastefully. What a way to introduce a highly anticipated album.

not a good album as most have reviewed it as boring.
i only enjoyed need it and straightenin

it fell short, but half of it is decent

I wonder the people who called culture 2 bloated will say of this. culture 2 should have been split into two, and the trilogy would be remembered forever, without the blemish that is the final chapter