Cultural Dilemma


The Friday has finally come and I have been contemplating where to unwind as the week has been quite hectic.I think Jack Daniel’s will do me this great favour.
I had a candid discussion yesterday with my elders from Kanyakwar,the subject being quitting the bachelor’s club.I informed them of my intention to woo Supu and bring her abode Kondele.
The kind of responses i received left me flabbergasted,if Ken Wa Maria was around he would have composed an instant hit song.I will summarize their concerns:-
[li]Test Drive- “Wewe umepeleka Gari Test Drive?”.They insist that the engine condition must be ascertained lest imechapa mileage.The rumor has it that these people(my target) have flat behinds and the Sugar cane is watery(Not Juicy).[/li][li]History-They told me that history has taught them that I am tripping.Examples given were akina S.M Otieno,Fidel e.t.c. In fact, Jatelo Omuomo was emphatic that “Mali yako nakisakwenda!!”[/li][li]Home Grown-The uncles have insisted that i settle on home ground.The argument is that a real woman should know how to cook Ngege and Kuon madwong.They are not ready to see their son get malnutrition with “Waru”.They are even willing to get me a nyako from Karachuonyo from a friend whom they schooled together in Rodi Kopany and Rukwaro Seminary.[/li][/ul]
Now the question is,should i consider their wisdom or move on where my heart is taking me.I really apologise to the apple of my eye if these new developments might disturb you but know that you are my only omena in the midst of kales.

NB:Hakuna Mpicha,if you want to see these guys go to Kuchekuche today at lunch time.They will be seated at the high table discussing critical issues.

hata sisi tulikuwa tunangojea ulete hio foreskin yako tuikate,we can’t give a boy/kihii our girl


Kwanza pelekea Atwoli rights zake,anakungoja na aremis kwa mkono

@Wakanyama :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Do you still go to club Samba to drink alone like a night runner?


…try gilbeys hun…morning…


Nilipita stage ya samba.Watch this…

Morning Sweetheart…Have never taken that,thought it was the specialty of Kina Wanyama.But kama umesema nitajaribu…

mkumbushe pia wazee wake foreskins lazima ziende na inspection ifanywe. Dowry negotiations for our daughter cant be done with wazee ihii and so in short hawaogopi jamaa atapikiwa waru, wanaogopa kisu


Old monk & mundu mulosi patieni huyu jamaa nusu mkate au nusu mkeka. It’s been 6 months since he lost his powers and its taking a toll on him.


What was that Omujains?

Inaitwa “Arimis”. Morning Jakenya?

Kumbe this guy is Jakenya.

Anyway, I thought ulikuwa umeoa already?

Haizuru. Now, bibi ni wazee watakaa na yeye ama ni wewe? Your answer is in the question.

Jakenya hata akibadilisha handle mara ngapi, atajulikana.

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Suppose i die,God forbid,they will inherit.

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yaani ushakuwa villager day moja?

English pronunciation,Asante never used it myself.And who the hell is Jakenya?

hii ni rigging ya hali ya juu…

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morning twinkle toes…how sure are you?