CTR+C, ctrl+v.

I met this guy in hookup and from the way we hit it off … knew I have gotten a good man finally. We arranged to meet in tao after chatting for like 3 days and it was a good first meet. Nothing happened. Then he said he wants to come to my place for dinner…i didnt refuse and set a date When he arrived he was a gentleman brought chocolates and a wine which we shared with the pasta I had cooked. After dinner we watched a movie and halfway through he said he has to make a call… I was ok with that and he did so in the balcony. When he came back he started kissing me and pulled my thong to the side and fked me right there and then in the living room. He was so hard and pumped so furiously I thought he wanted to destroy me… then he came on my boobs. Later on he said he has to make another call… and when he finished came back and fked me hard again. I got curious as to why every time he goes makes a call he comes back so horny. Thats when be started crying… I mean i was shocked! He told me he has a step sister who is half Kenyan and half German and that he has been fking her since he was 15 when her mum married his dad. He said the only way he can get hard or want sex is if he talks to her or thinks of her… Hapo tu I dried his tears… sucked his delicious thick dk and told him to think all he wants about her… so long as I’m the one getting f**ked at that time. We had 2 more intense rounds and one of them he even called her as he was inside me and put her on speaker … he came so hard when she was breathing into the phone and talking to him. I plan on seeing him again as his sex is amazing and as he knows that I dont mind his nature.

ok ok bang zinauswa

:D:D huyu ako na kichwa mbaya

you met this guy nawewe ni man,closet mbuuu!

Ctrl c, ctrl v.

but tulisema ukicopy paste anything to this wall you are responsible for everything including osungu.dll

Jesus Christ… this is so messed up.