CSI Cyber .

this thing makes you think in ways the gorvernment won’t be very comfortable without you on leash.
keeping my Friday cool

There is a column on gizmodo every week dedicated to each week’s episode…and they talk shit about it coz its so bad.

I thought of you as a sapien with worthy material btn their ears to make an informed (own) opinion?

Here is the summary of this week’s show:
How far did they deviate from the actual episode? its a terrible show that tries to be all techie but fails miserably

A friend was rating it very highly. @nairobilay just spoiled it for me.

The previous episodes were really bad. If you dont have to be an IT specialist to see the nonsense they pull.
In my opinion all the CSIs have been terrible except the original one.

Thanks for the heads up, what can I watch this weekend?

I dont know man…im still trying to catch up on some stuff. I’ll be trying to finish Helix season 2, 12 Monkeys…but here is a good look at stuff coming out this summer. A lot of sci-fi, which im happy with: