CS Muchiri, the Zuku conman

Well, the title speaks for itself. If you are a user of Zuku Wi-Fi you probably understand what I’m saying. Unfortunately the guy now controls the ICT ministry and can get away with practically any substandard services that his company offers. I’m taking suggestions for alternative providers of home internet connectivity service providers that I could use. Wakens saidieni. I need to stream my football seamlessly and do away with this fraud that is Zuku. I can’t subscribe for 5mbps only to get something like 2mbps on a consistent basis.

Meanwhile watu watombane kwa furaha

Kwangu ni maisha London - ZUKU always. No buffering or internet breaks despite two laptops, one tablet, TV streaming and 3 phones at any time.

Kwani the CS owns Wananchi Group? And he is called Mucheru.

Huyu analeta unconfirmed stories za muguka base.

Kwani are people being forced to join Zuku and pay monthly. There are other players in the industry as well.

I do not contest that Zuku is offering substandard services however I doubt that Mucheru owns Wananchi group

Cheap is expensive. Unaweka net ya 1mbps na unataka kustream ngwati in HD? Weka ile ya from 6k I think ni 20 or 50mbps uone hizi mashida ndogo ndogo zikikutoka.

There’s a host of shareholders in that group amongst them foreign entities. I doubt if he’s directly linked to it as an individual.

Zuku majority shareholder is Bell. CS Mucheru is among a few others who are minority shareholders. Right now Bell is trying to sell Zuku to a silicon valley company but the minority shareholders are fighting back since the price doesn’t suit them or their expectations.

@panktcha kuja patia hawa watu facts

He is an investor. He led a consortium that invested in zuku. Last I heard they were suing Richard Bell for misusing the cash raised. Will share link once I find time.

Safaricom fiber mambo yote


You are accusing Zuku of fraud when you want to commit fraud by streaming football, most likely illegally.
Anyway, you are much better and if you get 2mbps, I don’t know what you’re complaining about.
I have the 30 mbps zuku package and my night speed is consistently 500 kbps.

:smiley: jamaa anajaribu kustream na baby package

Same package.
2.7 to 3.1 MB/s (so around 22 to 28 Mbps) night speed.Kwenu ndio kuna shida.

Problem is, they are not everywhere.
In my area for example, Zuku offers Excellent services, but if it were to go to sh*t, people would have no other option as the only other ISP, Access Kenya only supplies to those who had already bought Access@Home prior to 2012. Safaricom Fiber hadi Highridge

I think the more you stay with them the worse your speed gets. I used to get what I was paying for many months but it has now been on a downward spiral.
Got tired of calling them every day. But I’m leaving them very soon for Safaricom.

Telkom iko fiti. 4k na speeds ziko poa unless kuna outage

Telkom all the way!!