Cryptofarm With Thousands of PS4 Pros Raided in Ukraine

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The Security Service of Ukraine or SBU has discovered and raided a cryptocurrency mining farm that allegedly stole electricity from the country’s power grid. But instead of finding computers, the agency found racks with thousands of PS4 Pros stacked vertically side-by-side. As reported by Kotaku, the Ukrainian authorities confiscated over 5,000 gaming-related devices — 3,800 of which were consoles — from a warehouse right next to (and formerly owned by) the Vinnytsiaoblenergo energy distribution company.

It’s the largest cryptofarm the SBU has discovered so far, and the agency believes it’s being operated by people living in the cities of Kyiv and Vinnytsia. Apparently, the operators used special electricity meters to prevent authorities from discovering the theft, which amounted to as much as US$257,000. “At the same time,” the SBU wrote in its announcement, “the illegal withdrawal of electricity could lead to more global consequences — entire neighborhoods of Vinnytsia could be left without electricity.”

Kwani they already fjigured out a way to reverse engineer PS4s and achieve PC like functionality???

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It’s the GPU that mattersto them. You can use any processor in the world for any computing function if it has the capacity and you have the software

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yes. It’s doable mostly due to it’s mac address can’t be blacklisted

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Yes, you can mine cryptocurrency with a PS4 console, a few super powerful processors, and a lot of electricity,which in this case waliiiba so hakuna hasara considering bill inakula 600bob per kilowatt hour not bad ka uko na array yao but ka ni machine kamoja katakukula almost 700000ksh to mine just one btc

si kenya power can use the excess energy they have to mine crypto intstead of overcharging the customers for power they are not using.

With all these knowledge, why are you a kinyozi?

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there’s alot of unused capacity in installed power plants. as long as it’s not absorbed into the grid due to low demand who cares? the Power purchase agreements na KPC ensure they are paid regardless (hapa ndio shimo KPC waliingizwa and are always trying to extract themselves you wonder why it’s executives ata being coerced would sign such agreements) basically meaning wee jenga plant with high output and be paid for producing nothing! Henyways, these IPPs (independent power producers) ndo wangeketi wajenge massive water cooled go-down and install racks upon racks of beast machines, mine crypto with their own surplus unused power and recoup their investments here instead of vampirism to the final KPC customers

I can get ps4s … where can I get electricity?

I can make a mining rig comprising of ps one,ps2 na ps3.