Cryptocurrencies 2021 thread.

Let’s make this thread about cryptocurrencies. I have singled out these coins. You can add yours. What do you recommend? What are your predictions? What do you use to trade? Is cryptocurrency trade a viable investment?

Bitcoin = $33,824

Bitcoin cash = $363

Litecoin = $139

Chainlink =$12

XRP = $0.2207

BAT =$$0.202026

NB: Let’s stick to the subject matter, please.

bitcoin most definitely

Mimi I lost my 2 BTC which I had bought ikiwa around $1500 .Nikabaki 0.001 banae . Apparently bit coin is owned by the CIA . The name Satoshi Nakamoto means Central Intelligence Agency (either in Katanaka or Kanji … Japanese chieth)
There are very many new ones akina ethereum . The most interesting new one is the JPM coin by JP Morgan and chase bank . Pia banks wameingia hii story …but all in all the first people to embrace blockchain technology will be way ahead before others catch on

Most definitely big tech innovation are usually by government agencies there is a paper by NSA written about digital currency in the 90’s

lost how?

what would they gain by creating it?

I don’t now exactly but one sticks out . The internet is theirs. They want/ed to also control the Darkweb

Kuna Dogecoin it’s trending on Twitter,it has a good entry level.Though am not conversant with cryptocurrency.

This is just a theory on Satoshi, don’t believe all nonsense americans post. They just want to look like they are behind everything iconic.

Be careful with anything that came after 2017

pia me nimepoteza around 900$ kwanza ma scammers weeeh

I will board bitcoin when it hits $19k, kwa sasa ni sit and watch. When people begin panic selling it will nose dive na hapo nyamgondho ataingisha kichwa… If it doesn’t come to $19k, I will board Ethellium at $300 or thereabouts because Ethellium will get affected vibaya if bitcoin goes down. Once corona virus vaccination gives us heard immunity bitcoin will nose dive as investors seek to invest their gains elsewhere. Just one major move by an institutional investor and people will start selling which will trigger a race to the bottom. Another problem for bitcoin is that most of the crpto is owned by about 1% of the total investors. That’s too risky for me kuweka pesa.

My theory (I could be wrong) is that bitcoin will equal Ethellium or some other ctyptocurrency in the long run. Or even two more cryptos. I heard some analyst on bloomberg claim bitcoin is worth $400m… So it’s a good investment for those who got in early.

Mimi I’ll set aside 100k ($1000) ikifika $19k niruke ndani. If it continues going down niongeze tena at $15k ($300). If it goes lower than $15k I will add a max of $200. Ikienda chini I will lose ($1500) 150K. I am comfortable losing 100k - 200k but saidi ya hapo nitajiona muyinga.

I will only offload ikipanda to today’s levels.

As for now nitaangalilia mbali as I invest in mutual funds and NSE bank stocks. Part of being an investor is to be willing to miss a trade.

They would have more to lose than to gain. A decentralized money system is a govt worst nightmare but all this is besides the point. We still want to invest

how were you scammed?


Ethereum inapanda kupanda I’ve been waiting irudi 600 nibuy lakini wapi it’s almost 1000usd now waah

Nunua hio inaitwa Link

Exactly why they would want to control

Cryptos are good ,but what put me off ni venye hizo apps/sites/whatever zinaweza zimwa instantly! Unawachwa kwa mataa ukijiuliza kwani kumeenda aje. Nikiwa na kakitu next time nanunua bullion gold, silver or platinum . Kitu naweza safisha macho nayo .Za digital mtaniambia

hii hapa ama?

yes . Hii lazima ifike bei ya thousands .

i invested the amout on a bitcoin trading site then the site went offline