Crypto ownership in Kenya

Was looking at some stats and Kenya crypto adoption is insane

4th highest in the world by percentage of population higher than the US

4.5 million Kenyans own crypto according to this website which is 8.5 % of Kenya.

Owners Demographics
[li]79% male, 21% female[/li][li]58% are aged under 34[/li][li]82% have a Bachelor’s degree or higher[/li][li]36% have an annual income over US$100k[/li][/ul]

According to a Citibank report, Kenya is estimated to hold more than KES 163 billion (approx. USD 1.62 billion) worth of Bitcoin, which is approximately 2.3% of Kenya’s gross domestic product (GDP). With only 4 countries having a higher Bitcoin to GDP ratio than Kenya, this is an indication of Kenyans’ thirst for the cryptocurrency.

Big lie. No need to go into details, just prove to yourself that the stats are off by a continent.


stori za jaba.

I didn’t say I believe it, I was also as surprised that is a lot of people

found this statistica table that puts it at 10.5 % among polled respondents of between 2k to 12k people
Crypto ownership by country 2019-2023 | Statista

BBC put it at 40,000 for bitcoin only back in 2019
Crypto-currencies gaining popularity in Kenya

another article cites A citi bank research study which confirms the claim

Looked for the citi report and all I found was this

Could be true. There is also a story l read about Nigeria is the world leader in crypto adoption, am guessing Kenya can’t be that far behind

So more than 1.5 million Kenyans have an annual income greater than $100k? I need to get serious with life

I also think that this is a lie