Cry the beloved country

Throw Back Thursday.
what happened? Niwapi na ni lini tulitupa mbao


Economic Inflationo_O

Moi error!

Wah! Tusker was 25 Bob only 22 years ago. It price increased by 750% over that period or an average increase of 34% per annum…
Na bado tunalewa. @Meria Mata, I think tunakuwanga na pesa.

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world bank started imposing sanctions to force moi to reforms, the Ksh started falling, then plummeted in a free fall…

wah white cap 24 bob na saa hii ni almost 240

The Cold War ended and World Bank (I was taught that it’s full name is the IBRD) sponsored SAPs happened on the scene.

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Average mshahara was much less than it is now lakini hiyo inflation jo ni high sana

Goldenberg happened, and thats when the downward spiral begun

Ongea kizungu bwana ama uchore picha

hehehe…Jamaa is talkin some coded languages:D


exports are no longer sold in kenyan market but U.K…330ml with 7%abv
premiums ni kama tusker lite,tml,white cap

In what way did the cold war affect the price of beer doc?

I buy the same beer at an equivalent of 100bob kenya shillings in kla

International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Structural Adjustment Programmes.

The end of the Cold War marked the end of that period when the west treated us with kid gloves in an attempt to stave off the spread of communism.

Nimeget. Dhengyu.