Crime stories of the year gone by

Resolved cases

Mackenzie Lueck coed murdered by Nigerian sugar daddy Ayoola Ajayi an IT Specialist who was in the marines. She went missing in June 2020 after coming back to her home state for a funeral. She had a Lift ride drop her off at a park at 4am. Here’s the story.

Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow, missing kids JJ Vallow 17 and Tylee Ryan 10 remains found in compound in Chad’s backyard. This is the weirdest, most complicated case I have ever seen in my decades of following true crime religiously, you practically need a flow chart to understand the case.

Savannah Spurlock New mom of twin boys and mom of 4,last sighted leaving a bar with 3 men, 2 months after the birth of her twins, remains found bound, burnt and buried in garbage bags in the compound of local pastor, his son David Sparks sentenced to 50 years in jail after he plead guilty to evade the death penalty. Locals claimed that the 3 men recorded themselves doing lurid sex acts on the young mom and were showing off with the videos of their victim.

Cold cases resolved in 2020 thanks to advances in technology and DNA testing

Cold case of black Brothers who murdered a 16 yo girl her bf shot her in the back and the rest dumped her body on the road side bcz they thought she was pregnant and feared a statutory rape charge. They were arrested 16 years later in 2020. Black men can be very ruthless.

Vanessa Guian fort hood soldier murdered by her boss after rejecting his sexual advances

Oh, such news is taken very hard, because you understand how much bad, dishonest things happen in the world every day. And in fact, a huge number of people are faced with this every day and they have to deal with it and the consequences that it can bring, and it seems to me that we should pay more attention to such things. Because when you learn to understand what becomes the cause or things that are worth paying attention to, you yourself can help someone or save someone in a difficult moment. And this is already truly valuable and correct. We simply cannot stand aside when there is still so much injustice in the world and so many people who need help.

And it seems to me that this is correct. We simply have to talk about it and draw conclusions and study the nature of violence and other things that can negatively affect the mental and physical health of people.
So first of all, thank you for writing about this and not being silent in a situation when many people prefer not to notice it.
And secondly, I want to say that we ourselves should not stand aside and react more actively to such things. Because tomorrow you yourself may find yourself in the position where you need help, and I am sure that everyone, deep down, expects that he will receive help.
So make your own conclusions and don’t ignore what’s important!