Creepy Indian dudes and not taking a hint. Poor girl must have been so scared. Why would a woman travel alone in a country like India?

Oooh man these guys are awkward as hell when interacting with women.

India ni kwa machizi bana.

Even @poyoloko and his firm breasts would not survive for 2 hours. These perverts would suck his poor breasts dry. All the nutritious milky goodness would be sucked dry and @poyoloko would be left dizzy and confused.


Ati poor girl. A very attractive foreign woman amevaa hotpant na tumbo cut sijui ni kama bra tu.
Jumps into the middle of 1000 horny perverted men who fuckkk their sisters for breakfast and are used to girls wearing shukas, what do you expect? Na vile wahindi nyege huwaua. I’m sure angevaa kama mkorino hakungekua na issue. She’s just an attention slut looking for likes

@poyoloko you need to calm down before you get too excited and emotional and your firm breasts explode milk all over the furniture.

I used to think Indian men were the biggest creeps but the Japanese are on another level. Half the men are obsessed with hentai to the extent they’re not interested in real women anymore, the other half are so desperate to get married they literally stalk members of the opposite sex in public and simply won’t take no for an answer. Basically most men there are either degenerate otakus or cringy incels with no game. At night you will see groups of young men hounding women aggressively in the street and it’s considered normal.

Na si uvae ile miniskirt yako uingie stage yoyote ya matatu in Kenya uone kana hutadarwa matako ama uvuliwe nguo. And if they see you are a homosexual which you are, they’ll probably lynch your ass.

Yet India is miles ahead of subsaharan africa


The first video that woman anaenjoy

Ulifanya @ T Verchetti nini?

Aii apana wewe. In some instances Kenya tuko mbele ya India. India is total chaos. I believe some towns in Kenya except Nairobi, have better quality of life than your typical town in India.

I think she’s complying because she genuinely feels scared.

Wrong. Indian dudes will prey on any woman walking alone. Umesehau that in major transport urban rail Kuna separate male and female wagons because hao wasee hudara Madame when the train is congested.

Remember, this is the country that is the most dangerous place for women according to UN statistics. Totally very rapey vibes with these dudes.

A friend of mine who used to work as a bouncer huko Australia used to tell me that they were always told to follow closely these off the boat Indian dudes. They normally go out in a huge group when clubbing and then sorround a woman on the dance floor and then wanaanza kumdara. Ama wanangojea madame on their way to the loo and then pounce.

Ameenda India kuchocha ile gang ya “send bobs and vegana.”

Funny how you say this as if you’re aren’t from the poorest part of the region.

not entirely true India has very pooor people and terrible slums among other things

The only good things in India are a budding ICT industry and a centuries old medical/pharmaceutical industry. Everything else is pure chaos and shit