Creeping Wahabism @ Jamhuri High

“This is a school and I have to run it according to the law. Whatever I have been doing is anchored in the law. [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]There is no way students can demand to pray for one hour, yet that is the only time they have (between 1pm and 2pm) to pray and have lunch,” he said.

On blocking outsiders from praying at the school, Awuor said he was implementing a circular the [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Education ministry issued last year requiring schools to vet religious leaders visiting for prayers before allowing them in.

Refuting bias claims, he said Muslim students’ numbers have risen from 110 last year to 232 currently. “Remember we have Hindus, Christians and Muslims here, and no group has ever complained,” Awuor said.

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The headmaster is 100% right but he doesn’t know the force of creeping wahabism worldwide.

Why is it so difficult to neutralise these faith issues in the school.The Principal need help in doing so.The action taken here should send a message across

cc: @Alchemist what is happening to your old school?

The govt of Kenya will run to avert the matter when it is too late

IT’S what they do.

But don’t be surprised. It’s what Islam is a does. They are after complete and total subjugation of everyone and everything.

It was Moha’s directive which he conveniently said was a “revelation from Allah”. But it was just hallucinations from dehydration and and evil spirit.

@mayekeke kuja hapa usupport hii.

Muslims for you.You give them an inch they take a mile. If they want to pray , they should go to Muslim schools not disturb other students,disestablish school routines and ask for preferential treatment. I went to a Christian Uni and part of the MOU of you joining was that you will attend chapel as much as it happens, if you went to that school, so even moslems had no choice on the matter. When in Rome do what the romans do. If you’re in Arab land nobody cares if you’re a Christian or Budhhist you must wear your Abaya and follow their rules but when Muslims come to Christian countries where they are a minority they want to force their lifestyles on the population including those loud speaker prayers that disturb the peace. Anti terrorism needs to investigate this school, these convertions are way too many and the stabbing orgy is a sign of radicalisation, maybe there are even recruiters for Alshabab and IS schooling there.Let us not forget how impressionable teens are and that theyre the most easily recruited by these radicalizers. Our problem as Kenyans is that we always want to give everyone benefit of doubt until its way too late and the damage has already been done.

There are funny funny forces at play in this story.

For once madam,I am impressed by your comment.Very neutral and to the point.Asande sana


Objective, kudos.

For once i support you


Why change a school program that worked for decades just to suit you? selfishness

madam anakuanga sawa ni nyinyi mmekuwa radicalized to have negative views on her comments.

Green emoji kadhaa

Any Muslim who is as old as the good old school and studied there should tell us if what is happening currently is what was happening back then.
Jamhuri high school has been around for plus 100 years. All that time great men were forged from boys, including your truly. It is disrespectful for some religious zealots to come and try destabilize a good and diversified institution.

As simple as that,you will be shocked to find out that those you are calling to come and clear the air are the ones driving these shenanigans

Its a school not a mosque. No outsiders should be allowed to come undertake their religious activities there.

What do you expect with a CS of education being a Moslem. I support Uhuru and baba Fidel putting their difference aside. Kamwana should dissolve cabinet. And appoint non Muslim kwa hiyo docket ya education