Credit transfer system from diploma to degree

How many years does a person with a diploma take to study a degree in kenya using the credit transfer system

fanya hivi, enda kw awatu wanaitwa Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service - wako ACK Gardens, 1st Ngong’ Avenue, Upperhill. Watakusort.

Wengine woooote ni munyambo ya punda.

Italingana ni course gani.mimi I was dip holder kist (civil eng)got a credit,joined second year jkuat but if I had a pass iwould have joined 1st year.if it’s eng don’t bother with higher national diploma coz you will still join 2nd year after wasting two years doing it.kama ni hizo courses zingine do as @dingoo_wa_ingoo has hayo tu Kwa Sasa.

Having transitioned from diploma to degree in engineering,would you advise someone to start from diploma or just go straight and begin your undergrad?

Kama you qualify for a straight entrance enda straight degree.thoug dip walimu wako strict kama secondary so you gotta get what you are taught na hakuna formation juu ni knec.There is no so much difference.putting God first not your genius mind,He will guide you and show you the path He had laid for you before you were born.have a blessed Sunday morio.And you check out from EBK website which courses are accredited from which uni,ama utakuja nikuandike shamba boy after graduation.

Sande sana

Doing a dip thanks for that, lemme now struggle for a credit so I won’t start from the ashes, thanks elder.

Mkuu kumbe unajua formation?:D:D:D:D

Lazima degree ni harambee:D:D:D

Good old days. I remember there was a certain lecturer who decided to take a piss at our class. Yaani a group of fifty, we were put in a 1000 sitting capacity hall for a final paper. Lets just say it was D.O.A hapo tulimaliswo:D:D

Some lecs walikuwa kasia.i remember one time tukifanya hesabu ya PDE.(partial differential equations)exam tulipeleka assembly hall JKUAT tukaweka 1km away from each other.wah I don’t know how I passed that unit.she was a real devil.:D:D

By any chance was it the white she-devil Akinyi ama Nancy yule wa IT?

Sitamtaja anaweza kua talker:D

Akinyi hawezi kuwa hapa. Nancy ndio najua yuko hapa pamoja with that sms of a man, Indimuli:D:D:D

Yangu ilikuwa EPIDEMIOLOGY. Sitawahi sahau hio siku ya kiama.