Creating electricity from nothing..

Just a motor and alternator.
True or fiction.

the best thing you can do is ignore such people. he discovered free energy and has no patent for it, no published paper, no mathematical background, no sketches, no diagrams. hii mtu inadhania sisi ni kumbaf.
hiyo kaplatform amewekelea hizo vitu zake ni betri. hiyo mtu ni umbwaaaa.

Fiction presented as truth. You canโ€™t violate the law of conservation of energy, try as you might, but you can pretend to.

Energy is not created but changes state. Nothing comes out of nothing

A perpetual motion machine (of the 1st, 2nd or 3rd kind) is not possible.

hizi zinakaa vako za @WIGSPLITTA

Itโ€™s true. But your heading is wrong. Itโ€™s not creating electricity out of nothing. He is utilizing the principle of a induction generator. Itโ€™s how windmills work. You can read about it here.