How far would you go to please a man esp not married? Wash underwear,oral/anal sex, lend him money , take loan for him. Girls are crazy aki.

si kenya

Kenyan kunguruz believe relationships is all about them… And its the men to sell kidneys to keep them happy.

makena umewai nyonya mboro ukiimba makarena ?

Kenyan women will give you AIDS for love…

Uwesmek tuheshimiane tafadhali niongeleshee pole pole me ni bibi ya wenyewe.

In campus there was this couple who the lady would always be clinging to the guys arm. One night I woke up kedo 3am to go. pee, nikasikia running water n saw male clad kwa mlango ya adjacent bathroom. Msichana wa wenyewe ameamka usiku wa manane kuoshea bf manguo. Halafu after hiyo job yote they didnt even end up together. I am not saying helping is bad but ingine ni utumwa. And men what I know of their nature if you give them an inch they’ll take a mile. Personaly I have a rule even with all males except my relas that I only give money that Id give as a gift. I don’t buy anything except consumables. I once gave a guy 100k to pay his fees out of pity bcz,I lost his half meter in a pyramid I introduced him to,luckily alikuwa mungwana he paid mpaka na interest juu. I shudder to think ingekuwa majamaa wengine kama ningeona hiyo pesa tena.

Myself am a very generous person but imebidi I restrain myself bcz people take it as a weakness to exploit. I now prefer helping in an anonymous cause than helping people I know. Women naturally are giving but Wueh men can really exploit women if they don’t force themselves kukaa ngumu. Good women get misused so its better to just be a very stingy person ndio the vampires can leave in peace wakikosa chenye wamefuata.

Women are too too user friendly, they need some training on how to say No. Otherwise they can sucked dry by sharks of men we have nowadays!

It was Shakur’s auto that was called All Eyes On Me right?


Is it love or desperation?!
If it’s love on both sides you don’t realize when you start doing nice things for each other.
In my case, being in a long distance relationship with my kenyan boyfriend means we have a 7 hour time difference. When I’m arriving home from work at 5-6pm, it’s already past midnight in Kenya. Yet, DAILY he will stay up waiting until he has heard my voice only then does he go to bed. Then he has to wake up very early to be at his job by 8am. Sometimes we talk until past 2 am kenyan time. If that isn’t love! For me I try to make his life more comfy by sending him chums but he either refuses or forgets to go for it.Pesa zimekaa western union for weeks, sijui I remind him or what? Does it make him feel emasculated? Anywhoo…I think we all do “crazy” things for love.

chenye najua hapa nairobi the moment you fall in love with a woman and admit it,whether directly or just a hint,hapo you just set yourself up for exploitation.

Niaje Makena ? Are you single ?

The thing about a woman giving a man money especially yule ako in a relationship naye is… They have a specilal section in their minds that keep records… Kosana na yeye na utakumbushwa ile siku alinunua kibiriti kwa nyumba. Bure kabisa… Mimi siwez kubali kuchukua pesa kutoka kwa mwanamke. Heri ni lale njaa.

Wewe ni generous na sitaki pesa yako nataka maku

unaeza tuma hizo pesa kwangu