Crazy ordeal

Hello fellas, I met up with a guy at a liquor store as I went to get my wine I will back(like two weeks ago) and the dude was super friendly that he asked for my number as I left with my drink…fast forward he has been flattery to say the least and he tells me how cute, sexy bla bla, quite obvious some gay shit…told him am very straight…he has invited me on Monday we drink some captain Morgan… being a person who likes to taste the waters I think I’ll just go enjoy the drink then I be on alert I leave.

Au vipi wakubwa wangu?

Leo admin ako overdrive na hizi story ya ufala

What really irks me is that of all the stories one could choose, admin specifically settles for faggotry imaginations

This is [SIZE=5]real[/SIZE] guys!!!

Thank you.

@Old Monk was a faggot even on klist. He used to beg @uwesmake to hand over his booty cheeks or just fart in his face.

@Old Monk used to admit that he loves it when bukusus fart in his face after they have eaten boiled maize in Kitale.

sasa hizi ni pseudo zake?

I remember this one time on klist, @Old Monk started begging to suck on @uwesmake 's rectum including a few wet farts but @uwesmake rudely refused and said that he was busy.


@uwesmake unasumbua

Where is @Panyaste★ when you need his wise words?
@Fahad Sahab ,kwani unapenda wanaume pia wewe?

Kijana utapatana labda ni ghasia kama @Panyaste★ akuwekee Muchele kisha akuchunishe Sukuma Wiki Dry Fry bila lube kisha awaite mbogi yake akina @BADASS @uwesmake @ChifuMbitika @Akon City @Sokwe mtu na @Eng’iti
Baada ya hiyo Gangbang ThiriMAVI anakuramba mkundu Clean!

@Douchebag please respect me



You will be drugged and fucked!!

What if we go at a club I take my drink then after having enough nipotee careful not to be drugged

maybe he should just submit juu once you see dalili ya mvua jijazie
and the champ anaenda kutaste waters
next ataokoteshwa sabuni am out

I would say only go if you stand to gain businesswise. In the Western World businesses are keen to tap into the “pink dollar” by targeting rich homos who have plenty of disposable income. Just be polite, he could be a potential client or customer for your business or maybe he just wants to drill your ass.

Wewe hunanga akili , utakufa tufurahi humbwer hii. Meza arvs ulale .salimia mamako na umwambie anipigie simu kesho.