Crazy offers on dating sites


Don’t suck her p-ussy son. Alphamales don’t eat pus-sy.

I am a nigerian prince. Please send me your bank account details so I can send some fortune I have lying around



She has been told sucking is an experimental treatment for untreatable herpes. Suck and tell us the results.

It could also be p0rn movie, you are going to be part of porn video thinking umeangukia

@Mimiyona , you are very naive if you tell for that crap.


That’s not American lingo . That’s probably someone in Kamiti or as someone pointed out, the elusive Nigerian prince

The stakes could be much higher. There is a black market for human organs,

mimi kama Ben nimeland

Word of advise, that’s someone about to bait you.

Probably your fellow Kenyan.
“She” will ask for some of your details - like contacts etc, even pictures - Don’t send, because then they will use those details to black mail you.

Imagine being threated with this non sense to your family.

Another angle, establish trust, then they send you a package, then it has to come through customs, then you reached out by customs agent asking for you to pay for duty over phone - At this stage package is at the coast - You and your stupid self send money. Then again, umezoea fare kukuliwa, whats a small figure for duty.

But if you could care less about the above, please go right ahead!

If you do care, go pick up a girl in a pub like normal people - Let go of this online tinder/Tagged BS! Too much hustle if you ask me.

The deal sounds too good to be true.
Utafunguliwa mboot.

Hapo utakuta ni ndume tatu zinakungoja alafu zikufungue boot

She mentioned the ‘my husband’ bit one time too many