Crazy matatu culture

This is on another level.

This sector needs to be dealt with ruthlessly.?

Ile ujinga huwa naona huku Kenya .

Do these mathrees even break even?

Too many idle youth in our country with no ambition leads to such theatrics but this isn’t entirely their fault. There’s a demographic-economic distortion in Kenya where the baby boomers and generation X are holding up resources and wealth leaving millennials and Gen Z hapless and economically disenfranchised ndio unaona hii upuzi.

Dope ride

Hio mat iko fiti

I really doubt. I am yet to meet or hear of a person who started with one or two matatus and made it in the industry.

Kiongoss nisaidie na link ya hii study ya uzito

Haha hakuna link boss, just economic analysis using our country’s current demographic data. The same analysis can be used for other country’s to explain why their economic state is as is e.g China and USA were able to build their economy vastly since the 80’s due to a large, well educated workforce born after the second world war (i.e baby boomers) but China has realized their one child policy implemented in 1984 will backfire on them because there won’t be enough workforce to provide a safety net for the retirees within the next few years, so they changed the policy in 2015 to 2 kids per couple but it’s too late.

Any wonder why akina Uhuru keep recycling the older viongozi like Awori in their 90’s into leadership positions?

This generation of Kenyan youth have lost it. And then they cry foul.

The biggest lie our youths have been decieved into is that they can grow and develop in chaos and confusion. Growth and development comes from order and a taste of fine things. A public service vehicle should be a place where you can read a book and as you go to work or school. This indicates how mentally fcuked up we are, celebrating mediocrity while public servants are stealing anything they can get their hands into.

For senior police, politicians and ‘flamboyant businessmen’, yes. For everybody else, hell no. Utakuliwa fare (literally) by the crew, traffic police and Mungiki mpaka you sell all the vehicles and start another business.

And that cop just stood by without acting

And they drew a dick on the matatu fucking gay shit.fuck siezi ingia hiyo mat

Imechorwa mboo

After all that utasema umetoka town kufanya nini??

Utaskia eti they froze government employment and then increase retirement age to 70 :slight_smile:

Sioni ubaya. Hawasumbui mtu.
One day this will be a real big thing. Tourists will board Matt za Ronga and eat mutura
Sheng will be kenyan pignin

Mutua and his board will come for it.
the same way that other one was nabbed and forced to remove the explicit graffiti on the back.