Crazy Jam on The A109

MOTORISTS, TRAVELLERS stuck at Tsavo along Mombasa-Nairobi highway for more than five hours as gridlock stretches over 5km following an accident.
Mash imejaribu off road imesakama!



Imagine the inconvenience. Unakuta kuna mtu was travelling to attend an interview and go back tonight. Total waste

Imagine ukona njaa mwenda lakini ukasema haisuru utakula ukifika mombasa

Maze vile some people eat only light meals to avoid stomach upsets on long journeys. Kitaeleweka

Hapo Kama uko na jaba, mzinga ya chrome na mix za demakufu uko sawa

Ama ulikua umepiga makali ulale through out unapata usingizi imeisha na njaa inakuchokoza pamoja na hangie

Mimi siwezi hurumia mtu, the same mafakas will be on social media condemning govt for building the expressway, ile ya kulipisha toll.

kama hauko kwa bus iko na charger simu na power bank zinakufa
btw kaa gari iko off hua hawaashi charging ports, mtanyonya battery iishe

SGR trains inawapita tu right on schedule as usual.


VC, since we know that you’re addicted to your cabin, tuone Shainaman akuundie flat-bed kwa SGR uwe unabebwa pamoja na Actros. Kila saa gridlock?

this is the cause of our misery
ata thuya haiwes penya,
noogle za katafunua zimeoverlap pande zote sasa ata heavy resque machinery haiwes fika kwa scene

hahaha shukisheni hao drivers muwape viboko

Wah, this is a perfect accident as far as the Devil is concerned! :smiley: :smiley:

hizo steel rolls zikifunguka si mtaona moshi

Kuna supplier fulani na LC with a strict timeline of delivery. Maybe he was down to his last few hours to deliver goods worth millions or he wouldn’t be able to claim LC. Alternatively get charged penalties. Sasa huyo saa hii ndio stress inammaliza. He keeps checking the tracking app every 5 mins and making several calls. This is why SGR can cost just the same as trucking or more but clients still scramble to use it. Reliability, insured and peace of mind is far much more important.

Marketing 101…but it’s true…

Na simu imeisha charge

Has happened to me once,was delivering a tender document in Nbi then was caught up in this A109 madness,i didn’t manage to submit before closing time but I learned from it,siku hizi I travel a day before for whatever reason