Crazy Jam on A109

The corridor from Mombasa to Kampala and beyond has witnessed a crazy jam from Sultan Hamud to Mtitu, apparently no one knows why. If we want our economy to make any relevant strides upwards, something has to be done about this frequent snarlups.
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noma sana @pipinono kuja uone vile you are supposed to report in the village, leo umesamehewa

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wawawa and what are the cops doing?!

please wake up, if in the city you dont see a cop when you need one unafikiri hapa polini wataoneka kweli. its a total mess

na ubaya ni in the middle of nowhere, hata njaa ikikuwahi ole wako

some time back there was traffic on Nyeri – Nairobi high way… Reason someone stole some charcoal on the highway in kambiti area and cars could not move till they were returned


mbisha ni muhimu

Beats me why, this many years later, we haven’t dualized the entire stretch of this road.


So hio story ya waganaga wa makaa kulock miguu ya gari huwa ya ukweli?

Link to a reliable media website that reported or it didn’t happen.

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How much would it cost? Any estimates?

I bet it would cost less than the hours people waste sitting in traffic.

@Luther12 any science to the above statement ama ni hekaya za abunuasi?can witchcraft control the science mechanism in a car?

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@Diffre go try to steal those Charcoal or bananas on nyeri nairobi highway siku hiyo ndio utajua si hekaya i was told by 2nk Drivers not one but many


yenyewe we have a very long way to go…the most important highway probably in the whole of east africa na ndio hiyo hapo juu single carriage…reli pia itakua hivi tu

we wacha ujinga. hizo myth wachia wenyewe…

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so hekaya za watu wa 2NK ni Gospel?

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Perhaps a mechanical engineer should answer that.

enda ukaibe then you’ll tell us or send someone

ooops my bad,u r a doctor;u see am from the.generation which believes daktari anajua kila kitu:-)