Crazy History

Let me vent: We understand that white people today are ahead in technological development. Nobody is denying that. But why would europeans want to claim that the images below are representations of a caucasian race???
Why is it that Europeans always want to say tha all subsaharan africans came from a forest in central and western africa? And what makes europeans say that they are experst of cultures they were not born into and barely understand? The Truth is that Most african Tribes, especially in East Africa are from the upper nile, and were bordering moderate blacks of egypt. Including the Nilotes and Bantu, and were only expelled by Egyptian expansion after development of the egyptian dynasty and later the influence from the other side of the mediterranean to hold.
It does not matter where you belong in kenya, your grandmother will tell you that your people came from the North. Even the Zulu came from there.







Why would the above images represent any sort of an european??

African historians agree that most african tribes came fron sudan-ethiopia region as opposed to the biased european sh*t. Am not against any group, but I just think we feed our kids in school nonsense.

ancient Egyptians :cool:

when you said you were going to vent i thought it had to do with bei ya unga,
haisuru, in many ways tho, culturally the likes of Nefertiti were closer to Europeans than they were to sub Saharan Africans

@ ingia, it’s all boils down to the ageless question about the race of ancient Egyptians?
Were they black?
If they were black, how come the lost all their intellect and had to begin all over again as ‘primitive’ hunters/gatherers and farmers with very crude tools?
Most probably, ancient egyptians were simply made up of many races, including blacks.

Egypt was the center of the world at some point in history.everybody flocked there to gain knowledge.certainly this must have involved people from as far as europe…mixed races originated from this interaction.The arabs and most ethiopians resemble a mixture of black and white races.

What I am saying is that Egyptians were never of European descent(caucasoid). And if anything, europeans borrowed from them after Roman occupation. I have clearly said they were moderate blacks. Sub saharan Africans were never in Egypt, but they were in upper Nile(Sudan-Ethiopia). Societies lived in considerable isolation then with routine movements restricted to a few kilometers. A barrier such as a hundred miles of desert would keep people isolated. Today, Egyptians have been whitened by Arab and middle eastern influx. What happened to them is what happened to the indians of america in most places. Today, there are only mixed people who are neither black nor white nor indian.

Then wewe mwalimu wako alukudanganya ama ulikuwa ukisoma vitu zako ukiwa high school or primo… Its well documented in history n social studies books that bantus n the other communities lived around Egypt /Sudan but were pushed to Congo regions due to climatic changes which led ti creation of sahara