Crazy Dude's regular updates of Simba I & II are dearly missed

I like to know and see in pictures what my president, deputy president and other high ranking officials are up to from an unfiltered source.
I wouldn’t mind seeing the opposition leaders pictures if they’re building the nation.

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si hizi vitu alikuanga facebook ama?!

crazy dude = dennis itumbi o.O

Akae huko aliko, he was full of shit and very intolerant to divergent opinions.


Unfortunately I’m not on Facebook. Was it ever confirmed that crazy dude was in fact Dennis Itumbi?

On the divergent opinion thingy. Kenyanlist was a badly run forum. You needed a thick skin to survive there. Jaw dropping insults were the norm. I don’t blame him (crazy dude) for deleting comments. Some members fought fire with fire and some just deleted comments.

i can confirm that crazy dude is not dennis itumbi…and as much as we miss it, i dont think they will be entertained here…

Where is the whetherwithal guy

confirm basi

have just did…is it too hard to grasp?

Msceeeew…chieth…be tolerant…but i hear you boss…you are baba yao…

Seems like you just confirmed, crazy dude=Dennis Itumbi

Ukitaka picha za president enda uzione hapa na pia hapa lakini usitujazie server na hizo picha boring. Na hii ujinga watu wazima wako nayo eti they can’t be in facebook or twitter u will have to swallow an humble pie for it


yeah i just dont get it

if he is then, i am JD then…morning


Morning @Supu don , sijui kama my hints in our old life ulizipata, nilitaka kukuingiza box sana.

Crazy Dude lazima aingie Ktalk, been looking for him all over.

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What’s wrong with posting pics of our beloved president working for the nation? Kwani ni za UhuRuto tu huchukua space on the server? Za momo wakiwa ndethe hazichukui space?

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Kwani Facebook ni kitambulisho? just because you have an account there doesn’t mean everybody has to. You should have provided the link and just stfu because the rest haukuulizwa

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hahahahah…i always had your back and you know it…ama haujui? @Mundu Mulosi

Whats wrong with taking your lazy bum ass to twitter n view them from the horse’ mouth?