Crashing at 300Km/h

These bikes can be dangerous …WARNING Ngori images


He seems to have overtaken on the wrong side…

Damn!!! Hio ni kifo ya kujitafutia


how come the camera was not damaged.

Shaiit niggas please be safe,noone deserve to die like that :eek::eek:

Speed that thrills kills! You drive like that in an uncontrolled environment, like a virtual game (need for speed anyone?) or a simulator, you deserve every bit that comes your way


@Wakanyama angekua hapo!


Ujinga ni kipawa.

Nikufe unikule?

what the fuck do you need such speeds for.?


300kph? What do you need all that speed for?

that nigga super dead

Every spring, they scrape a few speed devils off the guard rails here. Like cattle let out to pasture after a winter in the barn, they ride like they are possessed. Tragic, too much power between the thighs and too few brain cells between the ears.