Cracking a YU modem

how do i jailbreak a yu modem so that it can be used with any line to access the internet.need help from the gwiji techies guys: the likes of snapdragon ,deoro,The.Black.Templar, Jazzman , 10000 OTHERS ,@screwplus ,Gio and the rest
A chance for some new techies gurus to prove themselves.if u are a stupid moron and hooligan wa kusema keti pale, please stay with your comment for another day.

If you need help you need to learn how to call people. Put @ ahead of their names. @Deorro @The.Black.Templar @Jazzman @Gio @10000 OTHERS you Just got it right Kwa screwplus


Yu modem means nothing. Those guys will need to know the manufacturer and model of your modem.

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alright bro…need answers know please.

Yes leta hizi

I’ve called them for you. They will answer shortly. Mimi sijui.thought I should help you out. One just liked my call.

just YouTube the make n model n follow what that Indian is gonna been a while since I used modem but am sure its a simple flash

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the modem is ZTE CE 1588 @Deorro, @The.Black.Templar, @Jazzman ,@Gio ,@10000 OTHERS ,@ screwplus

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Wacha nifanye research nirudi. Modem zile nimecrack ni za huawei

:D:Don a lighter note ,you got everyone right but you messed screwplus:D

The last time I think a modem was crackable through free software was a longtime ago, then probably huawei patched up that vulnerability, but I think e168 can still be cracked I have one which was originally locked to safaricom but it can use any line now.