Cracked TV screen

The screen for my LED HD Sony Bravia is busted. Just got home to be told it was hit by I donno what. Question is can it be repaired or will I have to buy another one? Can the LED screen be replaced alone coz everything else is OK?
Mbisha ndio hii

Repairing cost = buying a new one


size ? model ?

Vile huyu chief mchingo amesema. Sasa uzia @Electronics4u atoe spare parts.


32 inch KDL 32R300B

nunua tu tv ingine

Not worth the money replacing that screen…vile umeambiwa na @Chiefkiumbe.
Sell it for scrap at 5k for a whisky, go buy a bigger screen tv. 42" minimum LG or samsung

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  1. Identify the incorrect sentence from the list below
    A. The screen for my LED Sony Bravia
    B. The screen of my LED Sony Bravia
    C. My LED Sony Bravia’s screen
    D. None of the above
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Buy another one. screen of original quality costs a little less than the television. In fact, the rest of the television is worth peanuts.

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Skizanga nayo redio tuu


Ukifaidika nshtue pia


Kureplace screen = 18k, buying another one is 24k. Just buy another one

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Yes, it is replaceable. No, it’s not all that expensive. Between 5 and 8K. And buying another one is a sound advice because it can take some time before you get the spare screen .

peleka bedroom

Warranty yake imeisha?

Wacha mchezo boss, @Thitima just said the cost of the darn thing (brand new set) is 24k :D:D:D

Warranty ya nini sasa, just call in the e-waste guys to collect the broken one and buy a new set

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5 - 8k!!!, tafadhali wacha kudanganya mwenzako…

hiyo sio screen ya laptop. Its a 32 inch.

You people like exaggerating things. His tv is already old. Why must he go looking for a brand new screen which can only be brought from abroad? The most practical way of repairing it is to look for the same model of tv, which has a different problem that is probably more complicated, and more expensive to repair, than a broken screen. That’s how they are being brought back to life everywhere.