COVID19 PCR TEST for travellers.

Hi people, where can I get the above test done when I need to travel out of Kenya?
Location - Nairobi
Duration-test results should be out same day
Cost-Ksh 5000 or less

Saidieni mimi
cc @Aka mpole

Hapo jekeyaye Kuna clinic approved by the govt, sikumbuki wanaitwa nini

@Thirimaii bwana amepata bibi mayolos…
tembeza kiyambazis wíyúmiries forefore

How many circles do they do ?

Which variant are you been tested for ?

Ongeza 2500 uende Agha Khan Hospital hapo Parklands same day result on next day latest. Unaenda kutembelea bwana yako @Thirimaii maraya hii?

Na peleka auntie wako wa harrier for holiday huko Seychelles, atarudi akiwa na bogoro if you know what I mean.

I did mine at JKIA for 6500. It was out exactly that time. Sijui kama wameongeza bei. Check out this one’s

So unafika airport 6hrs before flight coz ya pcr test?

Depends on your schedule