Covid vaccine was never tested on preventing transmission


Vaccines don’t “prevent” transmission. Herd immunity does.

All of the big pharmas were rushing to profit. First to market would have gained massively and they did.


It looks like they are preparing for some COVID PLANdemic nonsense motivated action soon…


The objective was not to prevent anything because there’s nothing to prevent. The objective is to roll out and sell. Pesa imeundwa hapo ni mingi sana. Sasa tungoje mzae Bill Gates achape promo moja kali ya GMO watu wakulishwe kama broilers. Alafu funny disorders ziendelee. Bonobo ziendee some futuristic turbobooster shot. Meanwhile tuzoee kukula through loans na eurobond because that’s our only hope. Times will be harder. Inflation is a tactic for suppressing bonobos. Mtu unapiga slavery 5am to 8pm. Unaangalia propaganda ya 9pm unalala. No time to take a deep look and search for the most high Truth.

Bill gates has been busy buying up farmland,he wants to put people on a plant-based diet,he will be selling.He’s one of the sponsors of these liberal idiots demonstrating in UK,claiming cow farts are behind global warming.All the while, governments there have weather control technology.

The trick is that he owns the patented seed. He can command that you do not sell your product and there’s nothing you can do. Monsanto imetesa redknecks huko Murica like fucking. The biggest trap in GMO is patents. Farmer anakuwa kama franchisee. Kuko mpaka na DCI agents wa Monsanto wanatumwa kutafuta watu wamepanda mbegu yao. Alafu unauziwa tailored pesticides zenye only Monsanto crops will withstand. Farmers watafinywa makende kabisa. Shukisha!