Covid: UK hits 100k deaths.

Compared to the USA which has about 330m people, the UK has about 80m.
They are at the same level in terms of death rate.

Kwani pfizer and the rest ni maji nini??
Like i have always insisted, the narrative makes no sense. To me that’s


tutarudia hii hapa mara ngapi sasa?

South African variant hapana tambua pfizer

Kenya is yet to hit 2k deaths yet social distancing is a myth and people wear their masks on the chins. We must be “immune” to covid.

It’s actually stranger zan fiction.
India OTOH has a population of 1.4B majority of whom are very poor yet ze death toll is less than 60k.

@administrator you should ban this rumours mongers. Tuma watu Siberia hatutaki kuuziwa uwoga.

Na io ujinga ako nayo ya kuType kama a retarded kalasing’a ikome

Covid ISSA scam

Wacha msungu okufe!:D:D:D