COVID namalisa china.


consume such news with a spade-full of salt. which variant of covid-19 is killing them en-masse ? this is propaganda, so as to justify their draconian approach on her citizens ?

Vaccine Yao ni fake haifanyi

which vaccine worked ?

Ya turedio

The news is true, I’m getting the info directly from some of my suppliers in CN who have also fallen sick, lockdowns implemented though not working, mandatory regular testing also not working, it has also disrupted iPhone production at FoxConn that’s why there’s shortage of units and ones available a crazily overpriced, workers don’t want to work under certain conditions, the ones at FoxConn are being locked inside the facility no leaving, you report to work with a suitcase.

Which variant is it ?


Hii kitu imelemea China kusema ukweli. They might be in lockdown for 20 years and they will still be recording new cases.

Horse crap, fungua zip tuone machinku ama ni mannequins. Covid mlipangwa na vaccine mkapangika, greatest con since religion

If feel like there is something that china is not telling the rest of the world about this Covid 19

Fuack China.

Hapa naona kaukweli.

Why has it become such a dangerous nuisance in China compared to other nations?