Covid 19 vaccines

Sasa juu dawa zimetoka Kwa wazungu, it’s directly gonna be injected to the bonobos. Yaani we believe everything from wazungu is fit for consumption.

I believe before we start giving this vaccine to our people, we should have it tested in our labs to see what’s in it. We should also send the sample to UG, TZ Rwanda and then compare notes after one week.

We should also have a voluntary paid testing programme. People like @Thirimaii who has no economic value to the country wanalipwa and get injected with the vaccine. If it works ni sawa. If they die, they die.

:D:D:D:DWhich labs??

This makes sense

The vaccine will first be administered to the poor for testing purposes, if it works well, then the few doses available will only be available for the rich and connected.

Hivo ndivo kunaendanga

Za campuses ama Kemri

Wewe unaona kama tutawezana??

And am very much okay with that.

Lakini sisi hatutaki vaccines… Tuko sawa

All rich connected types would be

this bonobo narrative is way off this time, Kenya participated in the vaccine trial- if its astrazeneca.
unless waliibadilisha, watu wanyonye vaccine ala

So you believe the stuff Kenya was involved in it’s testing is the same that’s gonna be shipped??

Kwani umesahau these wazungus the other day were unhappy Covid wasn’t killing us the way they had anticipated?

I may be over thinking but my point is that we should verify what will be sent to us. Not just start injecting our people with that stuff.

Sidungwi na sidungwi hyo vaccine am not sick

Please front my name kama iko kitunguu itanuka

I understand your concerns. This pandemic altered our way of life, and your vaccine hesitancy is a perfectly normal reaction to this disruption. Is there a sinister conspiracy plot going on? I don’t think so.

Let’s be clear. If the world is to re-open fully, most people must accept the vaccine. The tourism and entertainment industries are suffering heavy losses the longer this pandemic wears on. People are going broke and hungry due to the lockdowns. It’s not sustainable. Regarding vaccine safety and efficacy, everyday, we get new data confirming they work so you have nothing to worry about (well, the mutants concern me) but that’s for another day.

Have you been vaccinated?

Of course. First jab was nothing, although my arm was very sore but nothing worse than the yearly flu shot. The second dose was terrible, won’t lie. If that’s what covid feels like then I want no part of it. I had two days of deep muscle pain, extreme fatigue, fever and headache. Assuming this thing works as promised, it feels so good knowing that I can’t get severe covid pneumonia. Best feeling in the world!

I think it’s reaction differs with individuals. I wouldn’t like to be the first lot. Congrats but usitembee mapua juu

in those labs you are proposing, whose technology and knowledge would we be testing them against/with?

No, I still wear my N95 mask and eye protection when out in public. That will never change; I like this new lifestyle of wearing masks.

Sure. Keep protection. You must love the masks for beside covid protection, they help conceal your scarred nose.