COVID-19 testing

I have broken my TV today trying to punch the lame secretary. I was to buy a better one anyway. The foolish Secretary announced that they have doubled their testing capacity to 1000. Is he not ashamed? kwani hananga aibu?
Countries with comparable number of cases like vietnam have tested hundreds of thousands, more than 200,000 for vietnam. captured those who are sick, and they are getting no new cases. Hii kichwa ngumu yake ya daily updates inatuelekeza wapi? I am suggesting he should be replaced with magoha or matiangi immediately. we want matiangi there. he is the one able to deal with large scale operations. the current one can at best run a dispensary in mukurweini in the local language. we want matiangi and we want RESULTS. It doesn’t matter if we have to set up a testing kit manufacturing plant. We need to hear that available testing kits have been exhausted in a single afternoon.
Is he just a coward afraid to tell his boss that they are getting nowhere? because there hasn’t been an improvement since day 1.

Tomorrow he will announce the number infected and how many tested… Number recovered… and one more story or heed to follow directives of social distancing, washing hands and wearing masks

Its like back in primary school… Where a defender would escort a striker instead of defending… then we concede a goal

Only difference is that these goals will be deaths.

We also need to announce all corona deaths from wherever they occur within our borders… Saa hii unaweza kufia hosy that you were taken by family mbio mbio kiemergency but it isn’t tallied ju it was not a designated Corona treatment facility

@Binjwa leo umeongea sense.uko sawa kweli?

Ame-change supplier. Mkisii amefungiwa outside Nairobi so inabidii achome ya-local