Covid-19 bill includes 6 months countdown for pentagon to disclose what they know about Aliens

We’re getting closer and closer to the truth

You cant handle the truth.

The truth is out there

That’s why it’s being released in small doses

Is your other handle digi?

We cannot be alone in a bazillion galaxies.But kama waliadmit about ufo’s i dont see the big issue. Walete report tuchungulie

the truth is, the Blacks are the original “Aliens” of planet earth and the whites are the “Aliens” from a different planet.
so since we are on Earth, the Whites are the “Aliens”

What in the blistering barnacles is this?

a conspiracy i picked up from somewhere.
we have less than 6 months to find out the truth.

lets wait and see


I heard that from a psychic medium. That gringos are fighting pseudo war with bonobos who actually don’t even realize that. There is a bigger war in a different dimensions…
Nyinyi kaeni hapa mkifikiria corona is a virus…
It will be changed to maliza bonobos genes via mRNA …
Hapo ndio mutakumbuka Bill gates and Africans dying everywhere…

and the movies Inception and Tenet are trying to show us that but we can’t see it.

We are still evolving…

Something Rick from Rick and Morty would conjure.

let’s hope it’s just conspiracy.
but if it were true, it would answer most of my questions about our existence. (evolution and climate and all other explanations don’t really convince me. but i may be trying to get answers to questions that aren’t there)

Whatever the Pentagon reveals will be half truths at best. Military officers have a tendency to tell civilians what we want to hear and what they think we need to know. They probably won’t tell the administration the full story, and the bureaucrats in turn won’t feel comfortable sharing everything with the Plebs (that’s you and me) either.

most times the truth is always in plain sight.
some of the conspiracies/memes/stories/theories… are from guys who have direct contact with the information. but since they might not have physical proof/or the custodians of the information don’t want it out, they’ll suppress it/water it down such that it becomes the laughing stock.

we might be making fun of memes and conspiracies which are actually the truth.


The funny thing is we have less than 100 years before we all die…
Question is …
Do we have super beings living around us and changing/hiding things for next century??
Ama everyone die after a century?

and looking at predictions of where will would be in the 20s and where we are, i question whether we were making rapid advancements that would enable us to know the truth that they had to curtail the advancements or did they close the channels that enabled their information to spread.

Let’s see if Elon finds a gap in time with his experiment.

Half of it will be redacted

I’m curious, how do you arrive at 100 years?