couple behind the Pfizer vaccine - white supremacists, islamophobes na uncle toms kujeni

Ugur Sahin and Ozlem Tureci - of turkish descent founded the pharmaceutical company BioNTech which has developed the 90% effective coronavirus vaccine. Professor Sahin, 55, and Dr Tureci, 53, are now among the 100 richest Germans, with the value of their company BioNTech soaring to $21bn (£16bn) in the wake of the vaccine breakthrough.


White Supremacists ? ? ? Turkish decent ! ! !

Muhuni. You need to read between the lines and quit firing on impulse

Mugwanjira mbona unakuanga umejam kila saa?

Kwa sababu Patco na wewe mulininyima ikuss

You must be very dumb to believe that stupid story.

This thing was developed by an army of scientists same for the vaccine. CCP govt chipped in. Soros and Bill Gates and several Democrat Anti Trump mbirrioneas also chipped in.

Hawa ni frontmen wamewekwa hapo as the image of the whole plot.

Just last year September Bill Gates gave them $55 million ati for research :


Tumieni ya Russia hii ya hawa ni suspect!!!

Like @Purple asked yesterday how can this thing be 90% effective and in the same league as the measles vaccine and yet hata haijatumiwa???

Kwani imeundwa na nini???

A first time vaccine and they are so positive it will work 90% , did they always have it???..:rolleyes:

And purple also added that the science behind it could be dangerous which I have read elsewhere.

Umekubali saa hii ya russia clorox was not effective i see? :D:D:D ghaseer

is it by coincidence hizi ‘Facts’ zako zinafanana na zile za white supremacists websites

Cut the B.S!! Siku hizi hakunaga nonsense kama White Supremacists

In addition to BLM and Antifa. The Democratic Party wako na genge lao la majambazi ama Mungiki known as Not Fucking Around Coalition ( NFAC).

Lead by Grand Master Jay :

Stormfront sio?



the problem with extremists,fanatics and conspiracy theorists like yourself is putting everyone into boxes…you must be this or that… I support Trump because of his non interventionist policies but i will not kiss his ass like you… Biden ‘looks’ like a pragmatist, the ‘black’ kamala sijui- mixed race people secretly hate blacks

by herod.

But you’ve just put me in a box called extremists,fanatics and conspiracy theorists.

Earlier you had put me in a box called “white supremacists”.

For many months we have all been waiting to see these so called WHITE SUPREMACISTS with our very own eyes but we are still waiting to see them.

I have seen numerous videos of black members of proud boys and patriots carrying the police blue line flag and there is nothing like WHITE SUPREMACY.

Even the leader of proud boys Enrique Tarrio is a black guy. I watched Trump rallies keenly looking for this so called white supremacy and racism na hakuna. In fact most the guys leading the chants are often times black.

And when proud boys or patriots finally met with the other group(s) there was nothing just silly flexing and they go home. It didn’t turn out as the Dems expected. No race wars.

Here is Enrique Tarrio being harrassed by an overzealous CNN reporter :

if it walks like a duck…trump is smart and a showman[like obama], he knows how to get the support republican extremists by peddling conspiracy theories. you believe the billionaire with Tim Cook’s number on speed dial believes the conspiracy theories you have been posting here ? he will probably have his whole family get the Pfizer vaccine chini ya maji

the republican party has always been a party of moderates and practical pple since the days of Lincoln however hakukosangi extremists kiasi- like the ones who wanted to punish the southern states after the war

Why is a black person Enrique Tarrio, an Afro Cuban in charge of the so called Proud Boys???

That destroys your White Supremacist theories instantly. I have seen numerous blacks in both Proud Boys and patriots groups but those videos are pulled down immediately to hide that truth. What are blacks doing in those conservative groups if they are so evil and vile???

And yet you won’t see a single white face in NFAC marches. Not one.

White Supremacy only exists in the vocabulary of DEMOCRAT SUPPORTERS. It is a myth.

nimechoka kusoma mzungu-ist uncle tom cr*p