Coup in Ethiopia is a good thing.

Wamesumbua Somalia sana

This coup will keep them occupied but my greatest wish is for ETHIOPIA TO FALL/BURN

It is never that easy. You wrongly assume that if Ethiopia falls Somali rises.
It might rise but not by much.

Coup was attempted in only a region of Ethiopia. Not national

Somalia will not rise at all even if all her neighbours burn…it will fragment into a thousand non-viable pieces…

From Mogadishu with love…

Mcoosh mzee kila mtu askize za kwao

Jinga, music s universal…

power structure ya Ethiopia hamuielewi. haikua ina affect pm. ni uko mashinani.


Hapo Kwa southern Nations, nationalities and people’s. Hao ndio others?

@sani the pm can use it as an excuse to consolidate his power and become ‘emperor’ all over again…remember he has the goodwill of the people…but I understand he’s a good man so he might not go that route

Yeah ,blessing in disguise for the PM.
A purge in the military/ Intel circles will follow.
A great opportunity to reward loyalists. Purge currently ongoing ,the military Intel boss Ibrahim currently under house arrest.

Anyway, Ethiopia is a very delicate country . The situation is currently very fluid , disgruntled Tigray elites might fuel instability in the Amhara region as a way of getting back at PM Abbiy.
The PM needs to be very careful…

he’s not amharic.

hoping he;s not the orchestrator of the current incident…

yeah , that might be a possibility too. The Army chief assassination around the same time as the regional president shows it was coordinated.
In Africa ,anything is possible. Maybe the army chief was cooking something too.

Come to think of it…what we know is only what he told us happened…

Apparently Ethiopia internet iko so restricted by the govt hakuna Ktalk kama huku.
Whatever the govt says is taken as the gospel truth.
The Army chief was in a meeting with a retired Major General at his residence when his “bodyguard” allegedly shot them dead.
The bodyguard is in custody.
What surprises me is the bodyguard wasn’t killed in the “confusion”. The Amhara regional govt leadership were attacked around the same time.
Anywaw, ingekuwa Kenya tungekuwa na video already


Very true…most likely the old patronage networks are regrouping and fighting back. The Pm will fill the vacant army chief post with a loyalist…other wholesome changes will also be witnessed in intelligence and military with loyalists taking over (Moi 82’ all over again) and he will most likely surround himself with Oromo’s


and I forgot the bodyguard might end up getting a lesser sentence by declaring he prevented " treason" by the army chief . Kujitoa ni rahisi…he will just say he eavesdropped on a coup to happen that day and as a patriot took upon himself to finish it all. …or maybe he heard the army chief ordering the hit on the regional president , then as a patriot he “heard” the PM was next on the list so he had to kill them before the phonecall…
anyway Ina sound a movie …
he has to enlist the services of Wetangula ,who has experience on matters defending coup plotters …