Coup D’état 2

The situation we find ourselves in currently is not similar to the fight between Mogaka and Kamau in Keroka after the Supreme Court ruling nullifying the president’s win. The plot is much, much bigger.

They are known by various names eg The Powers That Be, Globalists etc. They control most of the world economy. They control most big corporations. They recruit retired respected political, business, and military leaders to act as a front. They recruit this group of people by first funding their pet projects, hiring them to the boards of big corporations, paying them to give speeches (generally corrupting these respected people). Then they use these respected people to act as a front for them, just like The Mafia could have some legit business as a front.

The advantage The Powers That Be have is that everything looks legit. The person so incorporated cannot suspect a thing until it’s too late.

The Powers That Be have conquering Kenya and installing a puppet president as number 7 in priority among the projects they have for eventually creating ‘One Global Govt’. But Kenya is just a poor African country! Sure. But have you ever asked yourself, ‘Why is the [political] civil society in Kenya more active and more funded than anywhere else in Africa?’ It is not that there are no brilliant people in Nigeria and SA that could run NGOs.

Do not take me wrong. There are many good NGOs. And then there’s the ‘evil society’.

The Powers That Be operate through subterfuge and 3D chess. For instance, senior IEBC, Supreme Court Justice or other senior official in the 2 institutions could travel abroad for some ‘personal’ or ‘official’ matter. Their foreign handlers organizes a secret meeting with, among others, a former UN Secretary General. Do you know what that does to someone’s ego?

During this meeting, you are informed how your job is important and why your help is needed to make Kenya a ‘Model African democracy’. The request looks logical and genuine. You need to do certain things to ensure the ‘evil regime’ is removed from power.

You are patriotic and feel honored by being personally requested to do the ‘right thing’ by such a globally respected person. You are ready to follow given instructions to ensure there’s regime change in Kenya, of course not via the ballot. They give reasons why that is not possible without your input. And they also assure you they will take care of your interests in the future.

That is how The Powers That Be recruit people they want to perform certain tasks for them. The advantage of their approach is that the person so recruited can never betray or blackmail them because the recruit believes he/she is doing the right thing.

This is the hierarchy (in Kenya’s situation):

  1. The Powers That Be
  2. Globally respected retired former leaders in politics, business, and military around the world. Some know they are working for The Powers That Be, many don’t.
  3. Select Local NGO leaders.
  4. ODM/NASA leader.

Contrary to what some people on this forum say, I think the members of the IEBC and the Supreme Court who have acted immorally and/or illegally are patriotic and believed they were doing the right thing. How were they to know that the globally respected people guiding them from abroad are themselves working for international criminals?

If a commission of inquiry is formed to probe the whole election saga, and members of SC and IEBC who have traveled outside Kenya in recent times are asked under oath about the people they met or communicated with while abroad, Kenyans would be shocked to learn about the big international names behind the coup plot.

The Powers That Be have convinced some local ‘activists’ that they are seeking to make Kenya a ‘democratic African utopia’, and for that to happen, Jubilee must be removed from power. Such a ‘democratic utopia’ exists in neighboring Somalia, where every man is president. Of his homestead. How many Kenyans want that?

Summarize please.

World wide condemnation of Scok

Well said.and Kenyans must be very weary.was to do my masters but itabidi nimengonja.kikiumana najitoa polepole

@pamba please do us a favour. Nitarecommend upandishwe cheo. Priss tusomee na utupatie summary.

Unata afande awache kukusanya hii…
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SUMMARY: Don’t concentrate only on Raila and ODM. There are people behind Raila. Kuna watu wakisema Raila njoo, atakuja mbio! Hao ni watu wa ‘Civil Society’ akina Mutua, Kiai, Gladwell n.k.

Lakini juu ya ‘Civil Society’, kuna wakora ambao wamepanga hii mambo yote ili Kenya isiwe huru tena. Lakini angalia kwa makini watu ambao wana kazi muhimu inahusika na uchaguzi ama Korti Kuu, alafu wanasema wako na shughuli fulani wanataka kukamilisha ulaya. Na hizi shughuli ni za siku moja mbili ama tatu tu (chini ya 1 week). Hao ndio wasaliti.

Power and money corrupts many, this is done through ‘winning’ funds for your projects, scholarships and also socialising with the mighty. They make you believe you are the best and you can think for the stupid mass who don’t know what is good for them. You can’t really tell really when you got corrupted, but find out you can’t go back without losing all those favours and prestige

Next we will be told how aliens are planning an attack on us

There are a lot of things that goes on without being reported. News organisations do not report certain events and search engines block anything referring to certain events. This is done deliberately by The Powers That Be so that people hold erroneous beliefs, and therefore become easy to control.

For instance, most people believe the Darkweb is not controlled, yet the opposite is true. And yes, you can be kicked out of the internet if people who control it think you are a threat to their interests.

In fact 2 well known news/discussion websites have been kicked out of the internet in recent weeks. One of the owners went to the Darkweb, where he realized Tor was selectively deactivating connections to his site (shutting off connecting nodes). Did you think Tor was not controlled?

The question is, why would porn, drugs, paedophiles, terrorist manuals be allowed in the Darkweb, and people discussing current social and political issues are kicked off? Because they are discussing things the public is not supposed to know.

There will be no ‘nusu-mkate’ government, governors tell NASA leader Raila Odinga

Jubilee governors have warned ODM leader against planning a ‘nusu-mkate’ government ahead of the repeat election slated for October 26. Led by Nandi Governor Stephen Sang and his Uasin Gishu counterpart Jackson Mandago, the leaders said that Raila’s plan is to cause a constitutional crisis whose aim is to have a power-sharing deal with the Jubilee party.

They further asked the former PM to allow President Uhuru continue with another five years if NASA is not ready for the repeat exercise. "He cannot have his way always. He fears defeat. The best thing is for him to give up so that Uhuru takes charge. Raila is always claiming his victory has been stolen come election time. He is not a democrat and should in fact quit politics and let the country move on if he cannot accept the will of the people through the ballot.”

Vitendawili now wants the following Safaricom employees sacked for being part of a grand conspiracy to steal his votes:

  1. Mr. Thibaud Rerolle (French National, Director Technical and I.T, Safaricom)
  2. Mr. Anthony Gacanja (Head of Technology Security, Safaricom)
  3. Mr. Shaka Kwach (Head of Special Projects – in charge of Elections, Safaricom)
  4. Mr. Robert Mutai (Head of Technology Strategy, Assurance and Governance, Safaricom)
  5. Mr. Farouk Gaffour (Head of Network and Service Operations, Safaricom)
  6. Mr. Andrew Masila (Senior Manager, Strategy and Architecture, Safaricom)

I thought Justice Retired Kwach is Rao’s friend?

Nasa drags Safaricom into anti-IEBC dispute

Nasa supporters to stage demos at UN in New York