county 20 (kirinyaga)development

Sielewi mbona lazima nicreate thread under morty matumbo THREADs anyway;


H.E Anne Waiguru takes Chinese contractors for road inspection that is soon to be tarmacked in Kutus town.

Mbona gavana hana suti na tie.

Haka kamama kako fine sana…

Wacha tu nicheke

Good, kazi ianze.



Dress code ya hao Chinese iko on point, when will we drop suits n ties bana. @The.Black.Templar , huko ujeru walami wana dress aje ?

Unaweza fry Guka

I loathe ties and suit too

I wore a suit and tie when I was in a wedding lineup. 3 years ago. Before that, 10 years ago. After that, neffer.
Lakini sweetie is on point. Fry material.

Ujeru bado wanapenda suit na tie!

I have four suits. Two for meetings where I will do presentations. One for wedding and one for funeral. For weddings I can also wear smart casual. Most of the time I’m casual and if it gets cold then a blazer will do. I dislike suits kabisa, it makes me feel stiff.

hiyo kitu pia mimi hunibore utadhani ni nguo ndio zinafanya kazi

Ogling is the best he can do.

Kirinyaga will be the County to lead in development.

Unamanisha atachekesha alafu aekelee mkono kwa kitimba walale

I also agree!

I also believe she will do good coz she already have a reputation and she wants to prove us wrong

Aaaaah seerie doing a development catwalk kwa akina Njeru. Avaai mûndû!