county 20 (kirinyaga)development plans- kazi imeanza

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Kirinyaga will enter into a Sh5 billion public private partnership to set up 10 industrial hubs for value addition of agricultural produce.

The county would provide land for the building of the parks while private developers meet facility and equipment costs.

Kirinyaga will pump in Sh1 billion into the venture targeting farmer groups and cooperative societies.

“The final model will be that of the private sector running the parks while we manage production and supply as the county government. The returns for the farmers will be 80 per cent and the 20 per cent will deducted and saved for their sacco,” said governor Anne Waiguru.

She said the model would guarantee farmers a stable and structured market, benchmark their returns at optimum as well as provide them saving for borrowing purposes.

Ms Waiguru said the projects would be fully implemented by the end of next year.

Upon full implementation, the agricultural sector in the county is forecast to have annual gross returns of Sh100 billion up from the current average of Sh25 billion.

She said the project was ambitious but tenable since middlemen reap on average 40 per cent of returns from the farmers’ gross returns while wastage and swindling in the markets eat a further five per cent in the returns and price fluctuations reduce by another 20 per cent of farmer’s income.


Pole bwana. We created but did not promote them enough… Counties ziko hapa

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same bish that squandered govt. dineros is getting more from the same coffers

If she can use half of the energy expended to loot NYS and the subsequent cover up n denial on developing agriculture in county 20,avai hao watu watakuwa mbele sana


Hii mama hutombwer na nani? Msiniambie ni UL

Corruption case was more than meets the eye. Jubilee and URP high ranking officials were both involved. To keep both parties united, one was to be sacrificed. I don’t care if she stole or not, she is my governor and will be accountable for each dime given by the central government for the next 5yrs. Whether other governors will squander their potion is none of our business.


minji minji atachapa hako kabudget kenu sweep of the year…acha tu a realize anahitaji ‘human hair’ na akaangalie bei kwa ile mwanamke ya salon

lets talk after 2 years. women budget while men negate everything. Its our nature to politicize.


who is @morty tuumbo noogle?

She might work hard to prove pundits wrong ,let’s judge her after 2 years. Her County might emerge one of the best. Either way, Kirinyaga had good choice of governor. Wangari and Mumbi. 021 might really rag behind but let’s wait and watch


The rag should be burnt


Nenda kamuulize kundu la burukenge wewe

Leo nani kakufira:D:D:D Mkundu firimbi wewe.

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I think she’ll transform Kirinyaga in a very positive way. Si she’s the one who oversaw the implementation of Huduma Centre? Wacha tungoje lakini naona Kirinyaga wali-make the right choice.

Aisee dadako kanifanyisha mambo


Wadhani dadangu afirwa mkundu kama wewe?..KUMANINA WEWE…ENDA UOSHE MKUNDU BEFORE UONGE NA WANAUME?

Dadako ni malaya wa peni mbili tu, kako na shimo la tewa badala ya coomer huyo

Si kabura was spotted in some photo time ya swearing in?? Hamna bahati this time.

I will bring the fuel :smiley:

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