counties will bring this country to its knees

am sure that our counties are promoting tribalism instead of eradicating it…as someone said it:we also devolved corruption to these counties…i cant believe my eyes that these people are collecting less cash than local authorities…remember that they raised all revenues,from the ones that were left by the local authority

how comes that they are collecting less cash???is it incompetence or corruption???did we elect people without scrutinizing them
…i hereby suggest that from 2018 governors should be appointed not elected

uas…wonderful wondering,wonder

Counties should be done away with.

Counties ni upuzi. Infact maisha imekuwa ngumu.

Appointed by who??? The drunk president ama nani??

Kumbafu hizi, tuliwaambia mu-vote no! Mlitusikiliza?

this country was not ready for devolution…you have to pay the price for voting yes in 2010

yah biz has been so low frm last yr…thers no money kwanza in nai

And they keep clamouring for more funds. They forget that the constitution requires them to be self-sustaining. Kwanza Issac Ruto ni kama amerogwa.

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politics leads to tribalism

what we devolved is greed for power and corruption. this going to kill many business in this country. truck drivers are already complaining because they are charged in every county they pass through. devolution is a good idea but not in a poor and corrupt country

Democracy(in the sense we perepetuate it), devolution, and such are a farce. If they are good, why is rwanda and malysia succeeding despite the ethnic tensions that have been there. If you ask me, i would say it is because of a strong leadership that does not depend on tribal endorsement and is not there to please anyone. Kenya ipatie 1000 years or more if there will be anything like it then. Even the so called democracy in america is not democracy as we have here. U.S. is an ingenious dictatorship of some sort.

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