Counterfeit products and how to spot them!

Everyone has a keen eye and different method to detecting a (too good to be true) fairly priced product. My method is visiting the website na model number, atakama ni za Ching Chong (if its not online, its fake). Share your comments and ways you detect this bonoko products?

if the price is way lower than normal price. I like great cheap deals but way too cheap raises flags

Anti-Counterfeit Agency and KBS are enjoying fat salaries while the market is flooded with bonoko goods. Chinese and kariobangi entrepreneurs have ganged up to reap handsomely using fake products. Electronics, FMCG, apparels, etc have imitations. Some sell at the same price as the original product.
The other day I purchased some Nivea roll-ons from the supermarket and they are fake. I feel like taking them to KBS but sioni nikisaidika.

Nimekunywa counterfeit spirits on two occasions and both times I was sick for over a week, how do I spot those?

U have to find a reputabel vendor, hizo methods zingine ni za uwongo

last weekend but one nimekunywa gibleys fake tao nimeumia siku nne .

my question is why cant the big manufacurers make a small testing device that someone can go with to a bar or wines and spirits ukinunua unaambia mwenyewe kama ni fake haulipi unatest then unalipa . am sure genuine dealers wont refuse na pia hao watakuwa na yao just in case customer akuje na fake . story ya kucheck bottle number online cant work coz those bottles are recycled .

Fake Ariel washing powder has ‘balls’ of powder unlike the original which is smooth to the last grain

For a birrionea like you should consider brewing your beer. Zifaa hizo[ATTACH=full]167661[/ATTACH]


Uncle Uwes lazima hii mambo imekukula akili tu sana.

Ati small testing device!


Kila siku kwa hii kijiji lazima ifike tym tu nicheke kama fala. Sawa. Isorait.

With alcohol it is much easier just download the soma label app ya KRA and try comparing prices with other joints. Secondly avoid cheap spirits

The trick for Gilbeys is to put upside down before uncapping, kama hakuna bubble hiyo ni fake.

si ndio hata wakiuza mia tano tutanunua , it will bring in more income for the company . sioni with all the great minds a portable gadget to test authenticity ya pombe haiwezi kuundwa

tulikuwa tumeangusha mzinga wau wawili tukaongeza ingine so walichukuwa advantage vile tulikuwa walevi

Damage control when you feel you have had one too much is taking painkillers, it shelves up the katzenjammer. Or alcohol after effects.

Take beer

Wachana na cheap alcohol. Kujia JW Black Label.

Starter kit?

That will do

Uwesmakende your choice of drink sells you out.

He he, you don’t know what you are talking about.
As long as they can lay their hands on clean empty bottles for a particular brand be sure they will fake it.