So a friend of mine has been told to go to a counsellor for addiction before he can do something else. My question is is there a free counsellor for addiction (alcohol or narcotics) and if not where is the cheapest one? Any information would be appreciated. This friend of mine is not really an addict but needs the letter or whatever you are given after you finish the sessions so… Please if you want to preach or feel self righteous about yourself go ahead but it shall be ignored.

Hehe the first step to healing is to accept you have an addiction first!

Hehe mimi sijui, To me counsellors na waganga ni one and the same

This word add iongezwe kwa ktalk lexicon


If your friend is serious why do they need free service or cheap service? Seems that friend is not serious about getting help ergo it’s an exercise in futility. Anyhow ulizia nacada ama the many AAs.

the 'Friend " can join an AA meeting. kuna moja Adams arcade na another one Holy family. Then gets a sponsor to write him a letter. But most companies and institutuons insist on 3 month full residence at a rehab.

Our own here @luther is of much help

ATI MY FRIEND:D:D:D:D:D.R u a friend to yourself.

Tembea pale Mathare Hospital. They have a drug & substance abuse rehabilitation centre.

The friend also wants to know about cost.
@Luther12 @NMK

I know Mathare is around 30k p.m. but I wouldn’t recommend it. Told it’s some really hard knock kind of life. Upside is they accept NHIF. Best is the kadhaa AA meetings if Anaishi Nairobi. I was in one last year I was paying 75k pm

@kimuti kinene kubali mashtaka