Could your pineal gland be dead?

If you are unable to detect that the official covid-19 narrative is fishy, you have a reason to suspect that your pineal gland is dead.
If you are unable to detect that the official HIV/AIDS narrative is fishy, you have a reason to suspect that your pineal gland is dead.
We can only check in that direction because many of you are otherwise highly intelligent fellas. Yet on these obvious cases, your intelligence suddenly escapes you! So one starts thinking that it could more probably be a spiritual issue.
While still at it, wale wenye pineal gland zenu bado hazijakufa niambieni, what is the end game in all this? We were thinking in terms of vaccines and microchips, but it seems as if there is even more? With a ‘new strain’ coming up and almost imminent lockdowns, what will the end-game be? To completely destroy stuff? Is it meant to be extended like the world wars, for like years before we hear the end of it [some MFs are already talking of 2024]. Wasee mnaongeanga na Gathecha just tell him to talk to magufuli for advice on how to escape the claws of globalists coz a nation like ours can’t afford this shit.

wewe unasema pineal gland, for me nothing is pissing off than this useless curfew, you mean everyone getting back to the house at 10pm will save us from 4am to 10pm interactions ??

world over , only Uhuru and his cabinet have discovered this curfew solution nonsense

My friend the Game is big. The idea here is to harvest the extreme negative energy from humanity. Problem-Reaction-Solution, human beings can only be controlled when they are under fear or in fear. What the people (big pharma, leaders, etc) want global leadership. To introduce global leadership is not easy unless we inflict fear amongst people who in return will seek assistance from the leaders. In this case, the leaders will be pushing their agenda of complete humanity control. All these are happening because human beings live in an eggshell, human beings are a sleeping race who do not realize they are simply being controlled or pushed to the walls. The control has been here with us for thousands of years, however, a few people are waking up. The Queen knows this agenda very well, a few people know this agenda. Even you are being used to spearhead the agenda without you knowing. And that is why we programmed population, people who don’t think for themselves. People who believe they are wrong and that the other person is right.


The real story here is that you are brain dead :confused:

We can only guess.
We know that Bill Gates and Prince William have said within the last 5 years that there is too many human beings on this planet.
We know that Bill Gates is heavily involved in GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization) which is creating a variety of vaccines.
Whether these two things are connected with Covid 19 and the vaccines or not, tutajua tu.

The georgia guidestones speak candidly of human culling …

UK was first to approve the Pfizer vaccine. Kidogo kidogo, ati the ‘new strain’ imepatikana huko! Is it a coincidence? I couldn’t – in my conspiratorial mind – help thinking why the UK was so eager to approve Pfizer’s vaccine even at a time when the US hadn’t…

But why can’t we stand up to these people? Lakini wameteka hadi akili zetu. Yaani you see how some people here (and down to the grassroots) defend the official covid-19 narrative [including supporting restrictions that affect them, ha] and you can’t help suspecting that it is a spiritual thing.

But aren’t they already achieving that through condoms? Or they want faster results. Juu from the time HIV/AIDS stuff was introduced, and condoms mainstreamed, there are billions of pregnancies/people who would probably have been born who havent… I think sans condoms, the world population would be double what it is…

It is obvious that the whole thing is a new form of state terrorism. Different states choose how to take advantage of it depending on how tyranical they are. The TZ folks chose not to take advantage of it. Others like Nigeria really put their people through hell, to a point where there was an uprising…

Be that the case,the world is over pouplated anyway and man is fighting over all resources from food to natural resources. I dont condone the idea of culling but the number needs to go down,it will get worse once the machines take over

You talk too much.
Curfew ni upuss, na yule jamaa ati ako leave

Candidly speaking,there are 21 infants born every minute(roughly) and 120 folks die every minute but wale wanacopulate ndio wengi coz abortions are at 68 per minute. Condom use varies,either to stop pregnancies or sti’s. Numbers are not complementing each other therefore someone somewhere wants to do so and only death is the final solution

Sounds like ile script ya Matrix… Nangoja Morpheus abishe hodi hapa pigsty sasa na red pill anionyeshe how deep the rabbit hole goes…

This pineal gland, is it part of the Gorgi Bodies group?

:smiley: aaaaaaaaaw sheeeeeet… Here comes watson and deep blue. It’s the Matrix

Dont be stoopid,cabs and cars are driverless,when you go to take out joints kuna watu wawili wanairun,super markets hazina teller its self checkout,medical ops are done remotely,kazi za kitambo za watu kumi zinafanywa na mtu mmoja. Where are the redundants going to end up .Thats the machine im talking about. But i’ll take your banter lightly for thinking inside the movie box,kudos and thumbs up

Exactly… Maybe, just maybe the gen pop starts resenting this replacement of theirs by machines and narrow AIs… Resent it enough to get their legislative representatives to make enough noise to formulate bills limiting the amount of waged jobs that can be done by machines, or even the curtailing of the same outright (a real fear of any sentient lifeform in the sense of the coming of a superior one that will replace it in its position at the apex of organisms - whose end result is usually extinction)… Now, granted most of the AIs in existence are narrow AIs without too sophisticated capability to parse language and draw inferences (in clear or abstract data) to execute whatever instruction set except those strictly within their purpose (eg some search engine optimisation ‘bots’ or those as you mentioned for self driving cars…, is it too much of a stretch not to imagine somehow somewhere hakuna AI serious that Could be considered sentient and completely pass the Turing test in all permutations? (DARPA chaps and those Chinese/Israelis/Russians hell maybe even Japanese and Indians)… Hizi AI ziwe self aware na zione sisi kama threat coz we’re fighting for ‘our jobs’ and their destruction, start utilising nuclear launch codes to wipe us out etc you know that drill… :smiley: life really imitates art, sometimes ata hiyo Matrix usione Hollywood just pulls sheeeeet out of its ass

I guess they figured out what causes the cataclysms

You asked what the end game is? On paper, I think they want to “save the planet” by reducing CO2 emissions. Due to the effects of lockdowns, more people are foregoing cancer/heart treatments and checkups so they’ll die prematurely, mass poverty has increased which means more will die from preventable illnesses and hunger. People are staying home more than ever before, with less travelling we are not destroying the planet like pre-covid. Meanwhile the super elite continue living life to the fullest while the rest of us are told to stay put.