Could this be true, about who invented Safaricom i-Tap?

Is it true that that Jonathan Gikabu invented i-Tap idea ?

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Jonathan Gikabu a young Kenyan innovator and the founder of Innovase Limited, a tech start-up.
Over the last 3 months, a dispute has been ongoing between myself and Safaricom Limited regarding the recently relaunched Mpesa 1 Tap solution, part of which is a replication of a solution I have worked on since 2014 as a student at the University of Nairobi and had shared with them in confidence. All efforts to engage the giant telco on the matter fell on deaf ears, as such we proceeded to court on the 16th of June 2017 to have the matter determined.

CASE NO. OF 2017


I am the Plaintiff herein and I wish to state as follows:

On 10th May 2017, Safaricom Limited launched a service known as M-pesa 1 Tap where one of the three solutions replicates an innovative NFC Mobile Payment System for Non-smartphones, my very own brainchild.

Safaricom Limited is not the originator of this idea. I worked on the building blocks of this idea back in Sep 2014 while working on an application for the 14th Round of the Grand Challenges Exploration funding under the topic ‘Enable Universal Acceptance of Mobile Money Payments’ by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

After evaluation, on the 20th Feb 2015, I was notified of my application’s subsequent success and funding for Phase I to the tune of $100,000 through the Equity Group Foundation (my listed affiliate Organization since I was an Equity African Leaders Program Scholar) pending financial due diligence. Unfortunately, the foundation was not in a position to receive the grant at the time. In light of that development, I approached the Chairman of the Department of Physics at the University of Nairobi, Prof. Julius Mwabora, where I was a student at the time with an urgent request to have the university stand in as my affiliate organization, a request that the university approved and consequently the project’s experiments began from 1st May 2015 to 31st October 2016 at the Department of Physics.

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Safaricom bado uhold those tech competitions in uni?

The issue is safaricom doesn’t want to pay him or they are saying it’s their idea?

This one is going to be very tough for the young man to prove.I remember watching a video nearly 10 years ago (Japan video topics?) in which Japanese were using NFC enabled phones, powered by telco NTT DoCoMo to pay for train tickets, buy stuff from vending machines etc. Android only made the technology more widespread. So I don’t know exactly what safaricom is being accused of, but the technology has been around for at least a decade.
This video was uploaded to Youtube in 2009

Electronic transfer of cash existed for more than 50 years yet safcom/vodacom was able to patent mpesa.
I pity the young guy, watching as his idea get commercialized while safcom is showing him the middle finga

Atakula Plata O plomo

The people selling 1 tap to Safaricom are a Singapore Based company. They have been selling this kind of products around the world like South America and Asia for several years now. Safaricom has been talking to them for a year now over this product. You were just too late.

Sad realities of life ni that even if it was true, they’d still have gotten away with it. Pesa ni mungu in those streets.

It’s the government’s fault. We have weak or non-existent patent laws. MPs would rather discuss nonsensical motions than pass laws that protect and encourage innovation. Even giants like Google, Apple and Microsoft, that are worth more than most countries’ GDPs regularly get taken to court by average Americans and end up settling. Hapa Kenya, on top of the weak/non existent patent laws, everyone can be bought. So ata kama una kesi bado huwesmake.

Ulishindwa kuleta post yangu back as you ‘threatened’ or what happened?

will he also sue Google, Apple and Samsung in case they launch their NFC based payments systems in Kenya?

Tap and go as it is called in other places has been in existence for some time now,

Dead on arrival…lawyers nao wanataka pesa yao.

It’s even worse mow coz the corporation are getting bolder in their dealings with government when it comes to retaining stupid laws creating a conducive environment for themselves at the expense of the host nations. One of Our main problems is that we do not have sophisticated bargaining capabilities. This leads to exploitation and finally corruption.

Ushasoma story ya mshwari, where airtel and faulu were swindled off the idea while pilotting it.

Patent. Kama hujapatent idea, in law you cannot claim its yours. The law they say is an ass. Am sure if safcon knew he had patented the thing they would have approached him very respectfully.

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