Could this be a virus

My Google chrome has been acting up: a lot of ads, hanging/freezing and crashing. So i ran msconfig and I noticed that the path for google chrome has a small c instead of capital C like other programs. Is this normal?


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Nice that you notice too but I have next to zero prowess in that field. @nairobilay may be of help.

Yep, It’s first name is Cyrus.

Ask @Deorro or @highschooler for help.

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Try resetting your browser. It could be some rogue extension.

I guess its an adware. Install Adw cleaner . Close your chrome browser n scan your comp using adw. (the scan wont take long probably 30 seconds). Delete all the stuff it recommends then restart your pc.

Thanks man

Scan with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Free version will do. Make sure it’s up to date. Install uBlock origin and pop up blocker browser extensions.

Thanks. Nimescan na adware as advised by @Deorro so far so good; If it fails ill use malwarebytees

Everything is ok now

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Glad could help

Adwcleaner=quick fix Malwarebytes=fix+future protection
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