Could someone who follows this closely provide insight?



Kinda like the oil blocks in Somalia that were auctioned to the British.

We are still under colonisation.

i’m trying to discuss this subject not Somalia.
Yes Britain and the U.S. have a stake in some of the oil blocks the oil is in the bottom of the ocean Chevron and BP could suck it up from meters deep below the sea bed

We all know where you’re going with this. Carry on.

And where is that exactly?

Not really. Just some sellout politicians.

Reads like a bunch of conspiracy theories.


Kenyans are spineless eunuchs and don’t deserve anything good. Hapana lia lia kila siku. Injury to a parasitic owner of capital is injury to satan. Panga ni pesa ngapi?

When you try and impeach that parasitic owner, you become the enemy. Just try and impeach him and see. These same people crying about him will try to eliminate you from this world.

We are also stupid. We keep on electing sellouts.



Kenyans are a tired lot. Tax is already hiked. What do they care about the Queen and water tower mapping. We have too much on our plate already. We are choking. Even if you bring the devil he will get votes bcz a tired person is a don’t care.

He makes a great point regarding that stupid wig. Why do Kenyan judges wear that? It is so stupid and outdated. This ain’t the 60s no more.

British Aristocracy. We never outgrew it. Have you ever heard of lawyers ati huyu sijui ni Senior Counsel. A lawyer is a lawyer.