Cost sharing shipping charges from Guanzhou to MSA

Am buying some stuff from China which will be loaded into a 40ft container. However, my stuff will only occupy 3/4 of the container leaving the other part unutilized. Am being charged US$ 1,900 from Guanzhou(sp) up to Mombasa. Anyone willing to put his/her import from China and we cost share shipping is welcome.

I see fellows on wazua enquiring about ‘affordable’ shipping all the time. Post this there, too.

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1/4 of space so that means the person will pay 1/4 of the fee right?

Okiya…im in shipping, that is clearing and forwading. we can give you a better deal from guanzhou to our go down on m-road if your intrested.

What of a car??? How much for the clearing?

@Luther. Thanks. for the heads up
@highschooler. I deal in genuine and honest business
@Davidee That’s right. he/she pays for the 1/4 shipping charges. But I will pay the entire amount upfront and he refunds me once his goods arrive
@black mzungu . Give me ur contacts (email)we talk more.

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that is called consolidation of cargo.I’m a clearing and forwarding agent and may be I might help you in one way or another. get me at [email protected]

sure…get me at [email protected] our company is Topmarine shipping co. @ black temple a car is 15-20k. It depends. If intrested get in touch.

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check ur inbox


top marine is very reliable I know one of ua employees in xaobei guangzhou very industrious bt me I ship with click