Cost of Setting Up A Water Tower?

I am thinking of setting up a 15 foot high water tower that will hold 2000 litres of water. Any idea on teh cost estimates? I can’t find prices online


2000 litres is a small tank. 25k will do

Haitoshi ata stand ya tank.

2000? Or 20,000l

2000L iyo weka hata ka kuni, itasimama i though uulikuwa unasema 20,000L? Ama si typoss?

You can support 2000 litres with your hands. It’s too small.

ata io 20000L si aweke kuni kumi itasimamisha

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A water tower is supposed to help you convey water via gravity to different places regardless of their elevation/topography. This is done by pressurizing the water through elevation.
In order to do this, the whole process has to be economical.
This means that you need:
1 Ample storage for your needs,
2 Ample storage to mitigate supply during power outages,
3 Enough rest time for your pump in between pumping,
4 Stress free use of the stored water.

In view of the above, will 2,000Ltr suffice?
How did you arrive at that water demand?
What is your source of water? Underground? Roof catchment? Water runoff storage?
What about future water needs?

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Very affordable doshi steel towers.

2000 . Two thousand

Enda steel structures upewe quote

The water will be pumped from a 50 foot hand-dug well to a 2000 Litre tank. Daily water usage stands at about 300 Litres a day. At that height, the Solar pump I’m looking into will pump 300 Litres per hour.

My aim was to have 2, 1000 lItre tanks. One for domestic use and the other for neighbours.

Concerning point 3, how does one determine “Enough time” between pumping?

Wacha mchezo

2000 liters ujengee tall tower?

If you plan for a bigger capacity tank, it means the water will last a longer time and thus fewer pumping sessions before filling the tank(s) again. This will save you on wear and tear of the pump.
Also note that there are periods when the solar pump will be working at reduced capacity, thus the need for bigger capacity. Here i’m assuming your solar power storage capacity will not be sufficient for cloudy days as well as night time pumping.

Isn’t 15 the right height for good pressure? Assuming the shower will be at 7 feet?