cost of clearing containers at the port of Mombasa

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Would anyone know how much it costs to clear a 40ft container of used clothing.

The cost was 900k now i hear its 1.8M (1.6 duty+200k misc costs).

Is the govt trying to kill the mitumba business?

@incognitus, @Meria Mata, @Luther12, etc? Jameni, njooni msaidie huyu jamaa! Hili swali ni la maana sana, na limekaa hapa almost 24 hours!

Tumetoka nomination @Soprano . Mtumba duty is btn 1.1-1.3m kwa sasa. Hiyo ulisikia 1.8m ni gumzo mtaani.
KRA huwa wameweka price as 0.9 usd per KG as the least you can put kwa invoice.

The government is not trying to kill the mitumba business it is trying to kill ALL the business.

Edit and correction: It is 35% duty or 40.5ksh (0.4usd) whichever is higher. One bale is 45kgs and 0ne 40ft container carries 500bales, so duty is approximately 1.47m. Work with that.

@kingsolomonn2016, kuja basi uangalie majibu ushajibiwa sasa!
Quite informative reply.

Ita yeye na umshow awache hiyo ufala ya kuweka leta moja kwa reply.

@incognitus cheers for the reply.

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@Soprano cheers bro

when you say trying to kill all the business what are you referring to specifically

Many policies/pronouncements and their execution doesn’t favor business.

one would assume that due to high unemployment they would make things easier… nkt

The people who started lending as low as sh 2000 to low lives like mama mboga did a noble thing, and may God bless them! Then the marauding copiers abused the idea and started dishing out money kiholelaholela. Bombarded with the teasing and temptations of easy cash, Akina mama mboga found themselves with burdens they could not bear. Then the government bought into the idea of bringing credit reference bureaus to protect the careless, reckless lenders! Now mama mboga is deep in debt and, she can’t be loaned any money even by the devil himself!

Nimeona @Luther12 amekujibu. This government is just not business friendly. Too many hurdles man. Unless it’s government tender or illegal biz.

We will operate chini kwa chini mpaka either Yesu arudi, ama tutajirike kama wao, whichever happens first!

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